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Group finder keeps queing me as a tank

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Group finder keeps queing me as a tank
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11.28.2012 , 12:23 PM | #11
Now I also see destinations resetting!

This is getting worse by the patch!

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12.05.2012 , 12:38 AM | #12
So... from

... There are a few reasons why we may not put something on the list right away, even when we know about it:

1. Exploits. ...
Nope, not an exploit. Though an exploit is a good reason not to put bugs up there.

2. Bugs we are actively investigating but don't have a definitive "who, what, when, where, why" for. Often, these types of issues will have their own thread or post where we are gathering information. Sometimes we know a bug is happening, but our first step is to acknowledge the bug in a separate thread and ask for more details to gather more information on the bug for the developers. Once we know enough to confidently say what the issue actually is, then it will be added to the Known Issues list if it doesn’t fall into one of the other categories.

3. Performance issues. Since we are continuously collecting data from players about anything performance related, these types of issues will generally have their own thread in the Customer Support forums where we can ask players to post logs, dxdiags, etc, to help the developers.
Could be one of these two, but in that case I wonder where the thread is. All the ones I see on this topic get 1 "we know" reply and appears to get ignored after.

4. It doesn’t affect gameplay enough, and the list needs to be kept to a reasonable size. ...
Can't be that, almost laughing, but that would just make it more sad. Understandable, but not fair. Better to make a "top known issues" and a "known issues" thread and let them both exist. That way people can actually look up bugs in there.

At the very least people should be able to make themselves aware why they aren't the right role when they get in. If they don't see it's a known bug they won't check to see if the group finder matched them for the wrong role (again).

Hopefully this helps you understand how we decide what goes on the Known Issues.
Generally yes, but in this case, no. If you wait for 2-3 hours with the group finder open to avoid it resetting the role and then get someone as the wrong role causing the group to fall apart or someone rejecting the group and then having to wait another 2-3 hours because it doesn't look like you're actually on the top of the queue... it means your day is wasted and you still don't get to do anything. This bug is also just getting worse and worse, this should be high enough priority to be on that list. After all this time people still don't know why they ended up in the wrong role, and often enough I hear people saying it wasn't on the known issues list!

So I'll treat this one as the thread to discuss it until I see one that actually looks like it is. Afterall I did give more and more info on this bug as it got worse, shouldn't be so much trouble to throw in a "thank you for the updated info, we'll pass it on" or whatever.

Maybe I should make a "bugs still around after 2+ months" or a "bugs that aren't deemed worthy of the known issues thread" thread, it's just that I don't know all of them. Might be good to link to the appropriate threads in such a threads. I just don't think BioWare would approve of it because it might make them look bad, truth is it'd be an information thread to the players. - Big risk of it is that it may get outdated if whoever runs such a thread doesn't update it anymore, hence why an official thread is a good idea, but that one will never be up to date for the reasons quoted.

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12.06.2012 , 01:01 PM | #13
Alright, my workaround doesn't work afterall. Just saw the group finder reset roles while open, so again...


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12.14.2012 , 03:17 PM | #14
I just hit level 50 early this morning before work. Come home hoping to do some of my first HM FP's on my dps. No matter what I do it keeps putting me as tank instead of dps. It is at a point that I am now a bit bored with Warzones and dailies, I would really love to get into a HM FP.

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01.08.2013 , 11:21 PM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by Bronholz View Post
Thanks for reporting this to us, this is an issue that we are aware of.
But being aware isn't enough, this has been going on for months and still is. Not sure when it started exactly, but it's close to 4 months.

Just last week I was grouped with a friend and we couldn't do ANY because it was resetting our roles every 30 sec or so. We decided to just go do something else on our own

And at another time this bugged up feature grouped us into a 2 tank and 2 healer party. Like it isn't hard enough to talk some sense into most of the current damage roles, we now have to tell tanks and healers to do damage.

This bug may show a lot of group finder matches, but does it also show the rejected ones? Queue times are much longer because this junk isn't being fixed, it creates a volatile community. You should work on making people want to stay, not leave in frustration!

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01.12.2013 , 03:00 PM | #16
Guess more cartel stuff is more important than fixing the game, same business model as usual sadly. my 2 main chars are nearly unplayable, getting a group takes forever and 90% of the time i have to decline as i got "force-changed" to healing.

The amount of bugs that are still in since beta is really amazing.

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02.24.2013 , 10:59 AM | #17
Was gonna wait till the 6 month mark, but it hit me again. 6 month mark is the 5th of next month, 9 days away.

Waited 2 hours in group finder as tank, then survived the horrible server instability, got a group as DAMAGE. Don't get it much usually cause I stopped playing damage mainly because of this bug.

FIX this already!

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02.24.2013 , 12:47 PM | #18
I've been having this issue as well. I am a Sage HEALER, and I have to manually fix the Groupfinder que every time because it dual-ques me as both DPS and HEALS even though I'm in a full HEALING spec. Please fix this!
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