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Is slicing intentionally " skewed" by bioware towards Investigation?

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Is slicing intentionally " skewed" by bioware towards Investigation?

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12.05.2012 , 05:00 PM | #11
I've got Arms/Scav/Slicing on my main, and I get overwhelmed with Investigation items. More Slicing, TH, and Archaeology items, fewer Investigation and Diplomacy! UT, Scavenging, and Bioanalysis return rates are fine.
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12.06.2012 , 12:53 PM | #12
There is another "casual" measure of any bias: the number of mission discoveries available on the GTN.

In my experience, it's usually flooded with Investigation, with maybe Bioanalysis and Diplomacy next. UWT rare, TH even more so, Slicing non-existent. I know someone could make the argument of UWT/TH being more in demand, but that proves my point in part. The lack of them on the GTN can be both a measure of them being rare drops and how quickly they get purchased ... which makes them doubly rare on the GTN and drives the price up on them relative to Investigation. The "demand" counterargument is particularly viable for UWT, since 3 crafting skills require it, but TH? As one of the rarest mission discoveries in my experience on the GTN and given that only 1 crafting skill requires it, things would seem to fall more heavily on the "rare drop" side of the issue than the "lots of people need them" side.

The situation with skill 340 Investigation missions is just a joke. My Armstech character probably has 6 full stacks of Dallorian Alloy and 3 of Ultrachrome and another 30 or so skill 340 mission discoveries in my cargo hold. Who wants to buy level 49-50 weapons when you're going to get better ones for free in your Recruit Gear? When it comes to any "need" to purchase skill 340 Investigation missions, it ranks right up there with the Custom [insert weapon type] Schematics, the Elegant Weapons Schematics, and the Augment 22 Schematics ... Vendor Trash.
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