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Shield Generator VS Power Generator

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Shield Generator VS Power Generator

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12.05.2012 , 11:26 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Khevar View Post
I don't believe there is a visible animation when the shield procs. At least it doesn't for my Shadow Tank. But it should be happening automatically.
it's a very, very transparent sphere that lightly glows around you for a quick second. it's very easy to miss.
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12.05.2012 , 11:58 PM | #12
A couple notes about making use of a shield generator:

You have to be in the correct "Stance" to enable the shield. Each of the 3 tanking classes (Shadow/Assassin, Guardian/Juggernaut, Vanguard/Powertech) have one stance that enables it among the 3 or 4 stances available to them. Mouse over your different stance abilities and look for the one that mentions it enables your shield generator.

The generator gives you a 20% chance to block damage, which can be further modified up by equipping gear with the "shield rating" stat. Endgame tanks in the best gear can get around a 60% chance to shield.

A successful shield does not reduce the damage you take to nothing. It reduces it by a percentage. You can open your character menu and select the "defense" dropdown there to see what your chance to shield is as well as how much a successful shield reduces damage by. While you are levelling, your absorb amount may be small (around 20-30%, so you may not notice that the damage is being reduced, but it is and you will live longer if you're shielding attacks. The stat that modifies how much damage a successful shield is blocked is called "absorb rating."

There are multiple types of attacks that enemies in the game can use against you. Force attacks (like when a sage does his mind blast attack on you) and Elemental attacks (like when an enemy uses a flame thrower on you) are not subject to your shield. You can't block them at all. Some enemies rely heavily on these types of attacks and your shield just doesn't help you against them, but the majority of enemies will do Tech (like when an enemy opens up on you with his machine gun) or Melee damage, which can be blocked. So, using a shield generator is definitely good if you want to tank and stay alive longer.