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Won't Keep Running... Won't Quit... Really?

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Won't Keep Running... Won't Quit... Really?

DontPanicDude's Avatar

12.05.2012 , 03:41 PM | #1
I understand that these are known issues with other threads etc. Honestly, I simply do not care. I pay $15 a month for this game. Memory leaks or bad resource utilization cross platform etc. etc. fine. I accept that eventually the problem will be fixed. Coupled with the problem now that when I tell the game to quit the screen just stays up, I have to kill the process to make it go away. Before I started running full screen in window I would have to shut the machine down to make it stop because it insists on staying on top of all other opened windows including the desktop, alt+tab alt+esc windows key, nothing. This is really starting to get annoying. Love the game, hate the random, exception-less crashes and it's inability to close it's processes correctly. Just griping really. Have done some searching and so far all I am finding is "follow basic troubleshooting" which for a lot of people is a good place to start. For someone like myself who has been in the computer industry since '97 who has a thorough understanding of computer architecture some programming, scripting, etc. etc. etc., please understand: My drivers are ALL updated. This is the ONLY game or application my system has an issue with. I have no odd hardware or software running much less installed. I have no errant processes running. Doesn't matter if I kill every process that is not critical for windows and run it, same issues. THIS IS NOT A HARDWARE OR CLIENT SIDE DRIVER ISSUE. The program has coding flaws. When are they going to be fixed?