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The Breaking Point

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12.04.2012 , 06:25 PM | #1
I have never written a fan-fic before so I thought I would try my hand at it. This story takes place shortly after Luke Skywalker defeated Abeloth. The story focuses on the main villain, known as The Master. I wanted to create a normal villain who could go toe-to-toe with Luke. Now it is no easy task to duel Luke Skywalker, but I wanted to create a villain that actually posed a threat. We'll probably step on some canon, but it is a fan-fic. The story is quite long so I will post it in chapters. So let’s begin…

Musings of the author will be written in Dark Orange


The Master stood in the center of the Council Chambers of The Iron Citadel on Cinnagar. When his allies were going about their own personal business, The Master liked to meditate on his past deeds and reflect on the future. The dimly lit chamber cast shadows on the large iron chairs that formed a semi-circle around him, and in these shadows, The Master meditated.


The Master was once a powerful Jedi Master who served with Lord Hoth in the war against The Brotherhood of Darkness. In the Final Battle of Ruusan, the leader of the Brotherhood, Lord Kaan, attempt to bait Lord Hoth into an obvious trap. The end of the Sith was in sight, but Hoth hesitated. In spite of his bravado, The Master could feel him hesitate. Hoth lacked the courage to vanquish the Sith. So The Master gave Hoth a mental nudge to push him to act. This resulted in the Sith performing a foolish ritual that wiped them out, along with Hoth and his strike force of Jedi.

Witnessing the lack of final action in the bravest of Jedi, The Master left the Jedi Order to act as a safeguard against the possible return of the Sith. The Master traveled to Koros Major to rebuild The Old Iron Citadel. He enlisted the aid of the people of Koros Major to repair the damaged Citadel.

While the Citadel was being repaired, The Master began building a power base. He began by commissioning SoroSuub Corporation to build him a galaxy-wide network of droids to act as his eyes and ears throughout the galaxy. He then purchased a contract with The Colicoid Creation Nest to build him an armada of droids in the case of a Sith invasion. He also had the Kuat Drive Yards build a massive shipyard in a secret location on the border of Known Space. To fund these projects, The Master funneled credits from The Banking Clan, Techno Union, and Trade Federation. The fools believed the credits were funding a joint project for future profit. The leaders of these corporations were so easy to manipulate when money was involved.

While his power base grew, The Master focused on training an apprentice. He found a young man in the mines of Kessel. When he brought the young man back to Koros Major, he asked the boy what his greatest skill was. The boy said that he was strong and good with weapons. How he had the time to work with weapons, The Master did not care. The boy’s past was of no concern. Taking the boy’s skills into account, he ordered the boy to set aside his past and renamed him The Soldier.

Over the years of training, The Soldier focused on improving his physical strength to augment his use of the fifth form of Lightsaber combat. The Master trained The Soldier in all seven forms of Lightsaber combat. Eventually, The Soldier’s skill with the blade had nearly rivaled that of The Master’s.

With his first apprentice successfully trained, The Master began to realize that the Sith would not return for quite some time. He realized that he could pass on before they returned. So he began to study possibilities for immortality. He theorized that Jedi Healing techniques could be used to prolong his life, given the proper application. The Master meditated on this prospect. Combined with his knowledge of Biology, The Master focused the Force on a cellular scale. The experimentation lasted many weeks. Eventually, The Master gained control of this ability, allowing him to defy the effects of aging. But this came at a great cost. The Master realized that he would need to apply this ability continuously, and once he lived past his natural lifespan, one slip of concentration could kill him.

After perfecting this technique, he taught it to The Soldier. At first he had difficulty with the technique, but he eventually learned to properly apply it, but on a limited scale. The Master knew that The Soldier would never be able to live as long as The Master. He then turned his attention to training more students. After training seven more students, The Master formed a secret group called ‘The Watchers.’ Each member of The Watchers served a specific purpose, and each of them was strong in the Force.

The Historian was a lean fellow. He shirked his skill with the Lightsaber to focus on chronicling the history of the galaxy. As chronicler, The Historian also acted as a soundboard of The Master to discuss his past and provide recordings of his display of the Force for future generations.

The Lore-master was The Historian’s sister and shared his love of knowledge. Powerful in the Force, The Lore-master gathered the ancient knowledge of the Jedi Order and stored them deep within the confines of The Iron Citadel. She had even traveled to Ossus to recover the lost artifacts of Odan-Urr’s ancient library.

The Shadow was a Twi’lek slave on Ryloth before joining The Watchers. He had an unnatural talent for stealth and, when augmented by the Force, could become completely invisible to anyone. He even had the ability to hide his presence in the Force. During the Clone Wars, The Shadow was dispatched to watch the Jedi Order plan their battle strategies.

The Assassin was The Shadow’s brother and a fellow slave on Ryloth. The Assassin shared the same skills as The Shadow, but preferred to use them for more… nefarious deeds. The Assassin was an expert in his trade, capable of infiltrating any society and eliminating potential threats.

The Guardian was a female Togruta who had a knack for defensive capabilities in the Force. She was capable of projecting massive Force barriers that could absorb anything. Blaster fire, turbolaser blasts, even Force blasts. She was an indomitable force in battle.

The Beastmaster was a female human orphan from the arena pits of Nal Hutta. The Master found her as a child and raised her. Her father was a Hutt crime lord’s beastmaster and she wished to follow in his footsteps. The Master gave her the secrets of Sith Alchemy to create beasts. The Master worried about her, but hoped her training would prevent her from giving in to the Dark Side.

Last among them, but certainly not the least was The Brain. The Brain was a human from the lower levels of Coruscant. The Brain was an incredibly smart man, who commanded the largest portion of The Watchers’ intelligence network. He had implanted his brain with a device that allowed him to sort through intelligence reports and dictate relevant information. The Brain had complete control over their intelligence networks.

Each member of The Watchers was strong, together, they were the most powerful beings in the galaxy. But they all paled in comparison to The Master. The best of them and all of their skills, The Master was. Wisest amongst them, The Master knew the everything there was to know, and what he did not know, he did not care to know.
Together, they watched the galaxy and intervened when necessary.

But when The Galactic Empire rose, The Watchers had no idea how to stop it. The Emperor was powerful in the Force, and his Empire spread farther than they imagined. The Soldier demanded that they intervene, but The Master had received a vision from the Force. He saw the Emperor fall, but not by their hand. So he watched, manipulating events to save the galaxy.

He worked closely with Senators Organa and Mothma, forming a coalition to stand against the Emperor. He manipulated Darth Vader’s secret apprentice to aid these rebels. But The Master’s greatest action in aiding the rebels was orchestrating Grand Admiral Thrawn’s departure into the Unknown Regions.

As the rebels reformed their New Republic, The Watchers assumed the Sith to be destroyed. They took a passive approach to their duty, watching for the rise of the Dark Side. Eventually, The Master knew that the Sith would return. And return they did, in the form of Darth Caedus. Thankfully, Caedus was put down before he could cause any real damage.

But then Abeloth rose. As Abeloth went on a rampage across the galaxy, the Jedi Order joined with a sect of the Sith calling themselves the One Sith. The Master assumed they were allied until Abeloth’s destruction had ended, but when Skywalker let this ‘Darth Krayt’ live, The Master realized that the galaxy needed change. The Watchers would bring that change…


The Master heard the massive iron doors of the Council Chamber open. The large shadow of The Soldier cast over him.
“She’s here.” The Soldier’s gruff voice boomed in the large chamber.
A large grin spread across The Master’s face. “Excellent.”
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12.04.2012 , 08:26 PM | #2
epic. just... epic.
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12.04.2012 , 08:29 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by Bird_of_Thunder View Post
epic. just... epic.
Thank you sir! But the true epicness hasn't even started yet. I'll try to post chapters at regular intervals.
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12.05.2012 , 11:17 AM | #4
Nice one Aurbere! Can't say I'm well versed on the era but I love how everything has its foundations in Star Wars lore, you've obviously put thought and research into this and I can't wait to see more!

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12.05.2012 , 11:25 AM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by Beniboybling View Post
Nice one Aurbere! Can't say I'm well versed on the era but I love how everything has its foundations in Star Wars lore, you've obviously put thought and research into this and I can't wait to see more!
Thanks! I had to do my research on this. I must say that I'm thinking of turning this into a trilogy. Something like the original trilogy.
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12.05.2012 , 08:53 PM | #6
Chapter 1

The young girl stood in the center of the massive Council Chamber. The Watchers sat in iron chairs raised five meters off the ground. Their faces were shrouded by shadow. The Master studied the young girl that stood before them. She had short blonde hair, round facial features, deep blue eyes and a thin body. The Master estimated her age being around sixteen standard years old. The Master did not care where she came from. All that mattered was the here and now, and the greatness that awaited her. The Master could feel her untapped Force potential deep within her. She could become very powerful, given the proper guidance.

The Master leaned forward, bringing his face into the light. "Do you know why we have brought you here, child?" His voice smooth and calm.

The girl shifted slightly. "N-No." She said nervously. Her nervousness was understandable. "Why?"

"You are here to join The Watchers." The Master answered. "We are the eyes in the shadows. The guiding hands of the galaxy, molding it to serve the Will of The Force. You have been chosen to join us."

The Master felt slight elation well within the young girl. Her thoughts were unguarded. The Master could feel the girl wanting to be apart of something greater. "I- I am honored."

The Master smiled. "Excellent. But you are not ready yet." The Watchers was a secret organization that required the utmost devotion. "Are you willing to put aside your past life and devote yourself to the Will of The Force? The Watchers serve the galaxy, not ourselves. Will you put aside your past and all other things? Will you join us?"

Such a question weighed heavily on her mind. The Master sensed the conflict within her. She needed time to think. The Master did not expect her to make such a decision lightly. "I expect you will need time."

The girl nodded in agreement. "I need to think, sir."

The Master nodded in return. "Indeed. But remember this: under my guidance, you have a great destiny awaiting you. Put aside your past. Become a Watcher... Join us."


The young girl had been taken out of the chamber by The Master's elite guard. Several minutes of silence followed while The Watchers sat in deep thought.

The silence was broken by The Soldier. "What makes you think this girl will be so powerful?" It was a barbed question, of course.

Before The Master could answer, The Lore-master spoke. "Do not question The Master! We all feel her power. With the proper training, she could become as powerful as you Soldier."

This sparked an argument between The Watchers. The Master didn't care to listen. The squabbles of his students were of little concern to him. Let them argue, it mattered not. The child would be his heir. If he were to pass on due to outside circumstances, she would take command. Her power in the Force had the potential to rival his own.

The Master cleared his throat, silencing The Watchers. "These arguments are pointless! The girl is incredibly powerful. If she chooses to join us, then you will allow it and accept it."

The massive doors of the Council Chamber opened and The Master's elite guard walked the girl in.

The Master leaned forward into the light. "You have made a decision, I take it?"

The girl nodded. "I have. I will join you!" At last, she had decided to walk the path The Force had laid out for her.

The Master locked eyes with the girl, and in his eyes she saw the galaxy burn...
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12.06.2012 , 07:23 PM | #7
Chapter 2

Over the next two years, The Master trained the young girl, who he dubbed The Harbinger, in the ways of the Jedi. The Master secluded himself from the duties of The Watchers to train The Harbinger in the ways of The Force. Under his guidance, The Harbinger learned the basic subtleties of The Force and the basic principles of the Lightsaber.

But The Master also commanded her to learn from the other Watchers. She learned advanced skills with the lightsaber from The Soldier. She preferred the use of two lightsabers and employed them in conjunction with her skill with the Juyo form. Her skill with the blade eventually matched The Master's skill.

She studied the long history of the galaxy from The Historian. The Historian showed her The Master's personal Holocron, from which she learned the many secrets The Master had to tell. Her knowledge of galactic events and their occurrences was expansive.

From The Lore-master, she studied the ancient Holocrons of the Jedi and Sith. The Harbinger took a personal interest in the Holocron of an ancient Jedi named Revan. The Master wondered if Revan's teachings would prove detrimental to The Watchers. He never really took the time to study Revan's Holocron, but assumed that his teachings would compliment Revan's.

The Harbinger also learned from The Shadow and The Assassin. She learned the subtleties of stealth and concealing her presence in The Force. The Master tested her skill with stealth by sending her to Coruscant to steal The Great Holocron from the Jedi Temple. Her mission was a rousing success and The Master was able to unlock the secrets of The Great Holocron.

The Guardian taught her how to create defensive Force barriers to defend herself. The Harbinger was able to master the defensive techniques and create massive Force barriers that even The Master had difficulty breaking. The Master mused that her power would be enough to defend his armada from attack.

The Brain gave The Harbinger her own defense network. The Brain taught her how to manipulate the network for the best interests of The Watchers. He had even implanted her with a similar device as his own. The Harbinger's network spanned half of the Outer Rim.

The Harbinger studied Sith Alchemy from The Beastmaster. The Master hoped that the Dark powers that Alchemy used would not corrupt her, but she proved capable of controlling the Dark powers. She was capable of turning even the most docile of creatures into rabid monsters bound to her will.

Finally, once The Harbinger had reached adulthood, The Master taught her how to defy mortality. Such a technique should have proved difficult, but The Harbinger was a natural. Of all of The Watchers, she had mastered it the quickest. She had become a true heiress, but her training was not done yet.

*** *** ***

The Master brought The Harbinger to the Jedi homeworld of Tython to continue her training. Tython was strong in The Force and would allow her to better connect with it. The ruins of the old Jedi Temple would serve as their training ground. Walking the halls of the old Temple brought back memories.

Before officially leaving the Jedi Order, The Master had traveled to Tython to center himself and contemplate the future. It was in the center of the old Jedi Council Chambers that he received a vision from The Force. Within this vision he saw himself do battle against the galaxy. He saw nine beings stand by his side in the battle, but each of them falling one by one.

Walking the halls of the Jedi Temple, The Master realized that the vision showed him his war against the Galactic Alliance and that his nine allies were The Watchers. His vision showed him his defeat, something that The Master would do his best to change.

Entering the old Council Chambers, The Master used The Force to move fallen debris to clear the center for him to train The Harbinger. The Council Chamber was in ruins as far as The Master could tell, it's walls collapsed, revealing the outside world.

The Master sat in the middle of the chamber and motioned for The Harbinger to sit beside him. The Master had brought The Harbinger here to teach her one essential ability: the ability to see the future. The Master had brought each of The Watchers here to center themselves and to learn this ability. It acted as a rite of passage for his students. The ability to see the future was essential for The Watchers. The visions given to them by The Force had allowed them to manipulate galactic events better than if they solely used The Watcher's intelligence network.

The Master himself did not meditate, he merely observed The Harbinger as she meditated. The Harbinger began to connect with The Force, she felt The Force flow through her, as if a great dam had been broken, The Force flooded into her. She felt as if she had unified with The Force, experiencing an intimate closeness with The Force.

It was in this moment that she received a vision. She saw The Master do battle with a Jedi on a dark ship. The Master struggled in the battle until he fell. The Jedi stood over The Master. She saw The Master breathing heavily until... nothing. The vision ended.

She opened her eyes to see The Master pacing in front of her. "What was that?" She asked.

The Master stopped pacing. "You were one with The Force. Each of The Watchers has experienced this phenomenon. You have experienced a moment of Oneness with The Force. During this moment you received a vision from The Force."

The Harbinger felt chilled. Her moment of Oneness felt incredible. "Will that ever happen again?" Her unity with The Force had brought an unfathomable amount of energy to her. The feeling was incredible. She wanted it to happen again.

The Master had only experienced this moment once. "Each of The Watcher's has only had this experience once. I do not know if you will experience this again. But The Force has given you the ability to see the future. We do not select what we wish to know from The Force. We cannot control what The Force imparts upon us. We can only choose what to do with what is given to us. Your moment of Oneness has enhanced your ability to see the future. This has happened to each of The Watchers."

She stood back up. "Is this how you 'watch' the galaxy?"

The question was unexpected. Surely she knew the answer. "Yes, of course it is. When we receive a vision, we do what we can to ensure that it occurs. The intelligence network is just one of our many tools to accomplish this. But enough of this. We have spent enough time here... and we have work to do."

The Master began to depart the Council Chamber as The Harbinger followed. "Yes, master"

The Master's pre-emptive plans were coming to fruition. Soon he would begin his campaign to change the galaxy. The Master activated his personal communicator and contacted The Soldier. "Deploy the fleet."
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12.07.2012 , 11:27 AM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by Beniboybling View Post
Still reading! Keep it up Aurbere!
Will do! The real epicness is going to kick in at Chapter 4 I think.
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"Your only hope to survive is to give in to the rage boiling within you, to acknowledge the Dark Side you deny, and tap into it!"--Darth Tyranus

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12.12.2012 , 07:13 PM | #10
Chapter 3

After millenia of preparation, The Master had created an armada capable of assaulting the galaxy. The Master had commissioned the Collicoid Creation Nests to build a massive army of droids, each capable of behaving like normal soldiers but fighting like elite battle droids. His soldiers were armed with heavily modified weaponry and armaments including advanced blaster rifles, jetpacks, sniper rifles, and heavy armor plating.

The Collicoids also built heavy assault vehicles. These repulsorlift vehicles were massive in size and weaponry. They were armed with four assault cannons: two anti-personnel cannons, a heavy anti-tank cannon that could be modified to fire ion charges, and a heavy rail gun for long range artillery strikes.

His army numbered in the billions and would sit inactive onboard his powerful fleet of ten Super Star Destroyers. These ships bore similar designs to the Executor-class Super Star Destroyer, but with heavier armor and more powerful weaponry. Each ship was black as the void of space, the ship lights akin to the stars. The greatest ship among these, Judgment's Lance, served as The Master's flagship. It was much larger than the other ships, but bore a similar design. The difference between the Lance and the other vessels was that its bow spilt in two to house a deadly superweapon: The Omega Frost.

The Omega Frost was once an Imperial weapon that could flash-freeze anything caught between it's two conducting towers. However, The Master took the plans for this weapon and perfected their design, allowing him to remove the flaws of it and turn it into a far more powerful weapon. It was now much more powerful than its Imperial counterpart, capable of being fired from a starship at a planet. While the weapon hadn't been tested, The Master believed that it had the capability to freeze an entire planet for one standard year. But the weapon hadn't been tested...yet.

*** *** *** ***

The Master, dressed in the standard brown robes of the Jedi, sat in a large, black hoverchair a short five meters away from the main viewport of the bridge of the Lance and stared out into the blackness of space. He had waited a long time for this day, the day that he would have to step back on to the galactic stage. Next to him sat a holoprojector from which the holo images of his students watched him.

"What are your orders, Master?" The hologram of The Soldier asked. "Do we move to invade the Alliance?"

The Master did not wish to wage all-out war at this time. A demonstartion of his power had to be made. "We must break the spirits of the Alliance people. Fear will do that for us. Fear of my battleships!" The Master responded. "And I know exactly what to do." He turned his hoverchair to face the projector and pressed a small yellow button on the armrest of his chair. The button activated his chair's holoprojector that displayed a small sphere. "What you see here is the planet Naboo, the perfect target to test our superweapon."

The Master turned off the holoprojector next to him and turned back to face his droid crew. "Set our course for Naboo." The droids, having been inactive for decades, leapt into action, punching in hyperspace coordinates and activating the ship's systems. The Master turned back to look out the viewport. He turned his eyes to the small holo image of Naboo. "The galaxy will be unprepared for my war. If only it hadn't come to this, but I will do what I must." He said as he closed his hand around the holo.
Added Chapter 66 to The Shadows Fall
"Your only hope to survive is to give in to the rage boiling within you, to acknowledge the Dark Side you deny, and tap into it!"--Darth Tyranus