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Which other tank goes well with a shadow?

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12.04.2012 , 12:41 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by crazyBE View Post
Even though it doesn't really matter on any fight that much I'll suggest not taking 2 shadows if you can.
Better to have some diversity
That and it trains you healers better in seeing the difference between a shadow and a non shadow tank and learning to adapt to it.
Sawbones here, I love the shadow tanks. I love 2 shadow tanks in HMEC, have not tried 2 shadow on HM TfB, but as long as the player knows what they are doing, I have no problem with any of the classes and I love a shadow tank that knows what he/she is doing and knows when to use Resilience.

I will agree that when the stuff hits the fan, a guardian and vanguard tank have higher survivability, the thing about a shadow is when the player knows what he/she are doing, then the stuff almost never hits the fan. We have very good guardian, vanguard and shadow tanks in our guild. I run around constantly with a vanguard who is my best friend in the game, but for my money the shadow tanks keep the mobs of the healer the best and I love they can resilience their self through the exploding droids in HMEC and the exploding adds in HM TfB taking no damage at all.

Now it may also be that a shadow tank has been in my group since I started SM EC and I know their abilities now almost as well as my own and it could be that my alt dps is a shadow. Then again, it could be that I hate force leap and storm when they use it as I am casting a big heal on them. At least with force speed I can get it off before shadow tanks are out of range.