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<Midnight> Rep guild is recruiting

Adanis's Avatar

12.04.2012 , 10:30 AM | #1
Midnight is a small adult guild and are looking for a guardian or shadow tank, one Sage or Trooper healer and two dps of anykind. We are looking for these classes for rotations in our ops groups (I promise you play time). We do have a full ops group at this time but need to expand our roster so we are all on a rotation. We Op wed, fri and sat nights at 7:00pm-10:00pm CST. Our content is currently HM EC and HM TFB. We are not looking for hired guns, we are looking for someone that is cool to be around and knows how to joke around in a give and take fashion. We are all friends in this guild and want to keep building on that. If you lack gear and are a good player than we will get you what you need, no worries there.

We take care of repair bills and stims if needed for all progression ops (adrenals you are on your own for now). We are also a sponsored guild by one of the members companies. Currently we have enough sponsorship to pay the subscriptions for those that make the rank of Operative. There may be more benifits is the future... we will see.

As I said before we are adding to our current ops group by having rotaions in our ops to avoid burning out the peeps we have. If you are worried about being sat out of ops time and time again, that just won't happen. We really want to continue to build a rock solid guild that will be around for a long long time.

We would love to hear from you so give us a shout either by leaving a message here or finding us while in game. Contact either Pyretta (GM) or Cosran (Ops Lead) for more information. our web site is