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Current Ops Progression (NMEC/HMTFB)

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Current Ops Progression (NMEC/HMTFB)

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12.02.2012 , 03:41 PM | #1
Please format your posts like the following:
Guild Name
Empire or Republic
What raid you are doing
What boss you killed
What day/time you killed it with your timezone
Sceenshot or video proof

For Example:

Post a screenshot of all kills. Must have proof of difficulty mode. There are a few ways you can do this:

1. Take a screenshot the second the boss dies and the "Achievement Unlocked" is still on your screen.

2. If you were too slow in getting the screenshot, you can just open your achievement list and show the difficulty beaten there.

3. In the event one of the first two options aren't avialable due to weird glitches, another option would be to show the boss corpse with the raid difficultly shown, like so: A screenshot just showing the boss health will no longer be accepted, due to the glitch shown here.

4. Videos are also great.

Also, please post a direct link to the image, I don't want to have to go through your guild's webpage in order to find it.

I'll post kill times for all guilds that kill NMEC Kephess. All times posted here are shown in PST. The kill times weren't updated in the old thread and frankly it would be a nightmare to find all of them across two old threads. If your screenshot doesn't have a timestamp, then I'm just going to use the time the image was posted instead.

All people in your video/screenshot must be in the same guild. There will be some leeway (like in Hatred's case where the people were alts of mains that were actually in the guild), but really, try and have everyone in the guild or I may be forced to put a ringer asterisk next to your kill.

When new content comes out I will make a new thread, which will have all this NMEC/HMTFB information archived in it under a spoiler tag.

Also, for full disclosure, I'm a member of Tatooine Royal Navy.

Inactive Guild/Guild that no longer exists
Boss is killed
Boss has not been killed

8 Man:
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] Hatred 11/22 7:47pm
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] Tatooine Royal Navy 11/27 10:08pm
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] The Silver Order 12/3 9:25pm
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] Haterade 1/2 10:15pm
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] Animosity 1/9 7:53pm
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] Momentum 1/20 7:57pm
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] APEX 1/23 7:48pm
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] Cookies and Kreame 1/24 1:40am
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] Tyranny 1/24 7:40pm
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] Psy-Ops 1/27 8:34pm
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] We Ordered Silver 2/07 9:15pm
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] MLP Friendship is Magic 2/9 7:34pm
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] Adroit 2/16 4:13pm
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] Select Few 3/21 8:07pm
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] Envy
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] Premonition
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] DVSgaming
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] Deadweight
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] Mandalorian Janitoral Corps
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] Chatos Paladins
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] PUGS
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] Forgotten Hope
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] Fearless Arms
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] Elitist Isolationists
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] Sedition
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] Asylum
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] Supertroopers
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] Nova
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] PostMortem
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] The Walking Carpets
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] Funkateers
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] Casual Raiders
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] Death Watch

16 Man:
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] Select Few
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] Hatred
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] Momentum
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] Elitist Isolationists
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] Premonition
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] Deadweight (plus friends)*
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] Animosity
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] APEX
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] - [T/Z][SC/FB][Vorgath][Kephess] Psy-Ops
* 13 Deadweight, 2 Fearless Arms, 1 DVSgaming

NMEC Two Hour Title Unlocked:
Tatooine Royal Navy 12/12/12 8:09pm
The Silver Order 12/16/12 10:17pm
Hatred 12/18/12 7:30~pm*
Haterade 1/29/13 9:09pm
APEX 1/31/13 7:43pm
Animosity 2/5/13 8:40pm
We Ordered Silver 2/7/13 9:15pm
Momentum 2/12/13 9:56pm
Tyranny 2/13/13 8:58pm
Adroit 2/16/13 4:13pm
* No screenshot in this thread due to a glitch, info can be found here.

TFB Bonus Boss:
[10-Stack Dreadtooth][Dreadful Entity] Hatred* 2/10/13 10:40pm
[10-Stack Dreadtooth][Dreadful Entity] Animosity** 2/26/13 8:19pm
[10-Stack Dreadtooth][Dreadful Entity] Haterade** 2/18/13 7:59pm
[10-Stack Dreadtooth][Dreadful Entity] APEX*** 3/28/13 7:02pm
*21 Hatred / 3 APEX Dreadtooth; Full Hatred Dreadful Entity
**Animosity and Haterade teamed up for 24-man 10-stack kill
***Animosity helped on 10-stack Dreadtooth

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12.02.2012 , 04:29 PM | #2
Thank you for putting up a new post. Wasn't sure why the other one wasn't updated in the last week.

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12.02.2012 , 04:43 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by RobertDole View Post
Wasn't sure why the other one wasn't updated in the last week.
The OP of the other thread mentioned that he'd gotten really busy. No big deal, happens to everyone.

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12.03.2012 , 12:24 AM | #4
Updated with info from the World Progression Thread.

Looks like Animosity is the only guild on there that wasn't already on this list.

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12.03.2012 , 11:10 AM | #5
Thanks for the update, thought the old progression thread was dead so didn't bother to post our progression

kersypants's Avatar

12.03.2012 , 10:14 PM | #6
APEX Toth and Zorn NiM down at 652PM PST on 03DEC12
Video tomorrow
From the defunct thread.

Edit: Congrats Apex

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12.03.2012 , 10:18 PM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by kersypants View Post
From the defunct thread.
Updated, and thanks for the heads up.

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12.03.2012 , 11:50 PM | #8
Updated to include The Silver Order's Kephess kill.

Congrats guys.

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12.04.2012 , 12:57 AM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by Denchet View Post
Updated to include The Silver Order's Kephess kill.

Congrats guys.
Holy fast update! Thanks for the congrats! =D Here's the kill video and other goodies I mentioned in the other thread.

New mount, Praxon Firaxa
Andilus Sirandi
<The Silver Order>

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12.04.2012 , 04:37 PM | #10
Added Elitist Isolationists' and Casual Raiders' progress in 8-man HMTFB, which I found in Moonpie's HMTFB thread, but was for some reason absent from that other progression thread. He also had Death Watch labeled as a Republic guild while they are actually Imperial. Fixed that as well.

Note that Moonpie had Casual Raiders as beating TFB, but I could only find them posting that they beat Kephess the Undying. If someone could link me info saying they killed TFB I would be happy to change it.