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funny screenshots

GalakDarkmoon's Avatar

12.02.2012 , 11:05 AM | #1
ok guys was looking through a post of everyones characters and had a brainwave to see what the funniest screenshot is that people can get! so go catch those rare (well maybe not so rare in swtor lol) moments were something goes wrong wether its a fatman dancing on a table or your companion bugging out. anything goes, now go find and post it here!
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12.03.2012 , 01:29 AM | #2
Not the greatest, but it late and it all I got. So here you go.

Opus, I shouldn’t have been watching that flashy advertisement sign over there, my bad.

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12.03.2012 , 02:28 AM | #3

Lord Zash was stuck in kneel for a couple of seconds either handing in a mission or starting one(can't remember which), once the cut scene kicked in she stood up as normal.

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12.03.2012 , 02:39 PM | #4

HK checkin out Scorpio's finely sculpted hindquarters.

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12.03.2012 , 04:21 PM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by eldefail View Post

HK checkin out Scorpio's finely sculpted hindquarters.
Dat Backplate!

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12.04.2012 , 02:07 AM | #6

Scourge's too cool to do any work and is making sure the others get the job done. If not, he'll cut them down. (that's some tough armor too!)

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12.04.2012 , 02:36 AM | #7

Thought that looked kind of funny.
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12.04.2012 , 09:44 AM | #8
Darth Organdonor or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.
(Showing my age with the Doctor Strangelove reference)

Eternity Vault entry cinematic graphics glitch

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12.04.2012 , 09:56 AM | #9
Somebody get Soa a Kleenex!

Operation Wipe on Eternity Vault first phase right around 1.2 implementation. We had no warning when almost every fountain lit up.

chuixupu's Avatar

12.04.2012 , 01:45 PM | #10
Oh yeah, gotta love the "super challenge modes" you used to get on Soa. Like *Half the Floor is Missing Upon Arrival* and *Soa Will Drop You Into a Pile of Lightning Balls*

This was one of the more entertaining bugs from early on

It's hard to see what's going on there but my friend is trapped in that odd contraption that was floating and spinning around for awhile, I could actually jump up on it and float along with it.
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