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Looking for a guild

SalmonID's Avatar

12.01.2012 , 09:18 PM | #1
Hi there, I am a pretty complete noob here at SWTOR. I have played EQ and LOTRO, so I am verced in MMOS. I am looking for a casual guild on this server. I am a lvl 26 Jedi Sential, and would love some advice on gear, lvling ect. My ingame name is Riry. Thanks!

AngelFluttershy's Avatar

12.02.2012 , 02:34 AM | #2
Hello and welcome! You might want to check us out, we're over-flowing with Sentinels that would love to help you out with gearing and your spec.

KShafe's Avatar

12.03.2012 , 10:38 AM | #3
Good Day! Please take a moment and check out

We are an "everything" guild, if you will. We have multiple progression teams for end of game content, PvP, RP and we of course welcome newcomers and love helping them out through their story lines. If you like what you see, please submit an application.

Hope to see you on!

StarStyder - Combat Sentinel

Gidrea's Avatar

12.03.2012 , 11:35 AM | #4
Shock and Jawa accepts all classes and levels. We have lots of free advice, too...
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