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Attempting to get Ranked Warzone Groups More organized, Please Read

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Attempting to get Ranked Warzone Groups More organized, Please Read

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12.01.2012 , 01:19 PM | #1
As most of you who view the forums for our server, people are constantly starting new threads trying to get ranked groups to play against or try to figure out what night the server should run on. So far this has been a big fail and something needs to change for Ranked warzones to take off on this server. I had a little idea at work that could help with this but will need help from all the guilds wanting to run.

I created a website via enjin call Jung Ma PvP

What I would like to do with this is get a guild rep or two from all the guilds that want to run Ranked on the site. The guilds that plan on running ranked wzs on whatever day, at whatever time, would have their guild rep/reps create an event on the website. Then as other guilds who have members on the site see someone wants to run ranked on whatever day, can decide if they can man a team, and have their guild rep post that their guild will be attending. This will also allow other guilds who happen to get 8 guys online and have to itch to do ranked to be able to see if anyone is running then.
It still won't make things perfect but I think this could defiantly help.

The other purpose for the website would be for players who's guild aren't running or just pugs in general who want to run, can go to the forums or shoutbox and let the other guilds know you are available. I'm sure we all have been there where you only need 1 healer, or tank, or dps to run ranked but can't find anyone and this could help with that.

I will be looking for a few players to help me admin the site if anyone is up for it.

Also this is not a place for guild and players to trash talk other guilds and players. I have no patients for that and you will immediately be banned from posting anything on the website if I see that.
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12.03.2012 , 11:23 AM | #2
This sounds like a great idea
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