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Scoundrel or Sage? Does anyone have a healer of both?

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Scoundrel or Sage? Does anyone have a healer of both?

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12.03.2012 , 04:10 AM | #11
I have all three healers at lvl 50, running opertaions, sage, scoundrel and commando. my sage has completed everything to ec nim kephuss fight. For me i find my scoundrel is loads of fun to play but it is trumped by my sage aoe heal. mandos i find the weakest of the healers but i know some excellent ones so it's probaly down to my playstyle nd time spent learning to play the class. For the way i and my group play the sage is best (for me), i play with smart players who stack everytime to get the aoe heal, we move as one, in fights where that is possible. I will say all the healers can heal all the content so choose the class u like most. The other healer in the raid is alo key i mainly run with a commando healer (arfurins) nd despite my above comment about mando healers he's great. (hence i say my defficiancies in playing the class).

My healers are ethansach 50 (dread), ethanallh 50 (dread nd campaign), nd ethanheal 50 (campaign) on the red eclipse