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12.02.2012 , 09:37 PM | #1
Do you, EA/Bioware, plan on sometime in the near future fixing the lag issue on fleet and some of the more popular planets. I mean, you have succeeded at bringing in more people, for the time being, with the FTP model, but seems you didn't account for it or don't care. It's been a few weeks now and I haven't said much, but it is getting more and more annoying playing this game like it was released 12 years ago when the DSL and dial ups were still around. I really like this game, honestly I love the genre, but I have made the comment to several gamers in my circle that I really don't get all the complaints, this is a really good MMO, sure you need some fixes and sure you had plenty of examples of what to do and not to do that you didn't follow, but I will still give you the wheel chair for the time being that you are still less than a year old(not much less), and are showing signs you are listening to the community and you are trying to improve. Now in coporate greed America you may bend me over and close down the game tomorrow take your break even plus a few mil and run, but I do see signs of hope, especially if we can get some ftp'ers to sign on or you guys figure out a subscription system that makes you money, which will be enough to keep content coming, (hint: 9.99 per month, good recruiting price, and you'll still profit).

Back to the issue, fix the lag, I love the game, I won't uninstall, but I will bug the crap out of your support dept. starting now as much as possible til fixed.