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Legacy Wars

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08.22.2012 , 02:57 PM | #71
Yay! I ended up re-writing this ending and I do like it much better. I have some ideas for a part 2 but it'll be a while. I've got another actual novel to write that I'm waaay past due on. But, this was insanely fun, stress free writing, and I'm really glad ya'll liked it
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11.23.2012 , 03:04 PM | #72
All right peeples, Legacy Wars is back! For this story as I did in part 1 I write in multiple points of view. If I'm going for first person of a particular character I'll put their title above each section. No title means its third person. I like experimenting with different things. Secondly, as I did with part 1, there will be an *ahem* adult version (no black screens) up on my website, you'll find the link in my sig tag. Third, I tend to write very organically, story develops itself as I write it. This presents the challenge of carrying things I started which can be fun. Basically I'm telling you this because as it stands right now this story is turning out to be very dark. Attachments to characters could be bad for your emotional health. You've been warned.

As always your feedback and constructive criticism is encouraged.

Legacy Wars: Death of The Force

24 hrs after the attack on Tython and the Death of The Emperor

Chapter 1: What the Frak?

The Smuggler
Port Nowhere

"Who kicked your ***?"

My grin would have been wider, but I still had one hell of a bruise from my fight with Mekethia. I turned my head, meeting the cocky, affectionate grin of Andronikos Revel.

"Who busted you out of Imperial prison? Oh wait, that was me." I looked away from him so I could knock back my drink, but my amusement was the same. Some men were useful. Some were booty calls. And then there was Andro. I refused to call him Nikki, stupid frakking nickname.

"You bringing up ancient history to change the subject?" He sat down next to me as the bartender refilled my glass. "I heard about what went down on Tython. Why didn't you call me?"

"It was a family matter."

"I'm not family?"

"Nope." I hid my smile in the quick sip I took.

He got so close I could feel his breath on my face. "********."

I slowly turned my head towards his. Our noses touched. "You get a room or are we doing it right here?"

"Wouldn't be the first time. You sure you up for it?" Concern flickered in his eyes. "I don't like being gentle."

This time I let him see my smile. Dusted my mouth over his. "You couldn't break me if you tried."

"Don't say I didn't warn you." He didn't give a damn if I put my drink down or not. Luckily I knew him well enough that I did, just in time for him to toss me carelessly over his shoulder. The movement irritated the frak out of the knick I'd gotten in my side but I didn't particularly care about the pain. He'd make up for it.

-Black Screen-

Sheer instinct woke me up despite how comfortable I was. I was sprawled across Andro's bare chest, his arm around me, his warm hand on my back and in about ten seconds something was going to go wrong.


"I know."

We were already out of bed and on the floor when the door to the room was knocked open and a hail of blaster fire from the assault droid rained down into the mattress. We both pulled our blasters from underneath the bed and fired back, ripping the big metal machine apart. The droid collapsed with a hiss and lots of sparks.

We'd no sooner gotten to our feet then an explosion rocked the floating space port.

"What the frak?!" I growled and started throwing on my clothes. Andro was doing the same.

"What trouble are you in now Ria?"

"Me? You sure this isn't about you Pirate Boy?"

"I'm not the one out killing Emperors!"

He had a point. I threw on my jacket, turned on my cybernetic ear implant and connected to the holonet. Andro was at the door, firing at something in the hallway. I pulled my second blaster from the nightstand as another explosion hit, nearly knocking me off my feet.

"This isn't how I intended to spend the night." Andro growled and shot someone else. Considering his temper, it might not have been one of the bad guys.

"Yeah me either." I joined him in the doorway peeking to see if the coast was clear. "You bring your ship?"

"Not this time. Riding with you. Let's go."

We were jogging down a corridor towards the hanger bay when the news cast came through my implant. I ground to a halt. Andro bumped into my back. "What's wrong?"

It wasn't the shock that was keeping me immobile it was the implications of it. "The... Citadel and Jedi Temple are gone. They exploded."


Had Xerrin and Elliah been in the temple? Where had Laresa's kids been? And if we were getting attacked, then Laresa- "We gotta move."

"You're the one that stopped."

We raced through the spaceport. I had no idea who sent the droids that were inside killing everyone and at the moment I didn't care. I knew we needed to know, but I had to get to my sister first.

I may or may not have loved Andro a little more when I got to the hanger door and realized that he had a data core from one of the droids we'd blasted apart on the way here in his hand. "I'm flying," he said.

"Yeah, okay." Sarcasm dripped from my voice as we both raced to the cockpit. The who was a better pilot was an argument we had frequently.

"You need to call your crew and find your sister. You can't do that if your flying."

I grit my teeth together. "Fine. But you better not get a scratch on her!" I quickly changed course, halting in front of my holo terminal and put in the call to Laresa's ship. "C'mon, c'mon, pick up."

The Jedi
Kalikori Village

I was standing in the forest, a few clicks from the Twi'lek settlement. I had close friends there, and a place to stay when I needed privacy. Several years ago I had taken half a dozen young Padawans in need of real combat training and left with them with a young, but capable Twi'lek Captain to protect their settlement and people from the flesh raiders while the rest of the Jedi slowly removed those that could not be rehabilitated to live in peace.

It had helped repair the bond between the Jedi and Twi'leks that shared Tython. But, I wasn't thinking about that particular accomplishment just now. I was recalling what Laresa had said to me just a short day ago. A smile hovered. Wait until I told her that I'd decided to take her advice.

"Hey gorgeous. You wanted to see me?"

I slowly turned, letting my miraluka gaze rest on Doc. He looked tired, but content. He'd spent the better part of the last twelve hours in med bay, helping tend to the Jedi that had been hurt during the fight. He was one of the best combat doctors I'd ever had the honor of witnessing in action. He was playfully arrogant, had relentless ambition and I silently hoped, still in love with me.

I watched his gaze lower and something akin to curiosity take over his face when he saw that the lightsaber I usually carried was nowhere to be found.

"Xerrin? What's wrong?"

"You gave me a speech," I said softly. "Before you asked me to marry you."

Doc went very, very still. I barely heard him when he finally said, "I did."

"Will you say it again?"


I took another step closer and laid a gentle hand on his chest. "Please."

At first he said nothing and I quickly blocked out my sight completely. I didn't want to watch his emotions flare around him while he made his decision. I held perfectly still, waiting. Hoping...

"All right. You win. Here's the deal. I'm good-looking, smart, and charming. I'm a top flight medical specialist who does charity work. I've completely stopped looking at other women, which should be physically impossible. Bottom line..." he stopped.

"I love you," Xerrin finished for him.

Doc's face twisted. His hands came up and closed around my shoulders, as if he was uncertain whether to push me away or pull me closer. "What are you doing Xerrin?"

"I'm not a Jedi anymore," I said quietly.

I could hear the shock in his voice. "What? Why?"

"I've spent the better part of my life putting duty before family. I have no regrets about that. I am honored and humbled to have been able to accomplish what I have as a Jedi Master," I lifted my hand and touched his cheek. "But, now I think I'd like a change."

"That better be spending the better part of the rest of your life with me."

I slowly smiled. "If you wouldn't mind asking me again."

I unblocked my sight so I could see him now, and would have laughed at the expression on his face except he'd chosen that moment to kiss me. Something he had not done in a very, very long time. I wound my arms around his neck, holding him closer.

He drew away far too soon. "Xerrin-"

"Yes," I brushed my nose against his and smiled against his mouth. "Yes."

Doc hadn't been able to respond, an explosion rocked the forest and caught us, flinging Doc and I violently backwards.

The impact of my landing stole my breath and sent debilitating pain ricocheting through me. I tried to use the force to hang onto consciousness but it wasn't working. My ears were ringing, my limbs were not responding, and even my miraluka sight was hazy, leaving me unable to focus on anything with any clarity.

I heard someone call out to me, but it was too late. I was swallowed into darkness.

The Sith
Fury Class Imperial Interceptor
The Crystal Vanguard

I paced in a thin line in the main hold of my ship. General Pierce was standing in front of the holo terminal trying to active the locator beacons on my children's ships. "Where are they General Pierce?"

I couldn't feel them. I couldn't feel any of them and there could only be one reason for that. But before Pierce could confirm my fears Assassins appeared.

I don't how they got onto my ship, or who they were working for but they were everywhere. I felt the blade of a knife back stab me. Their mistake was that they missed my heart. My rage exploded, enveloping me in the raw power of the dark side and I didn't bother controlling it.

I wouldn't be able to recall the fight, not the details of it, only that I heard my crew shooting, heard them fighting around me but that was a very faint backdrop to the screams as I dealt death to every single fool that tried to attack me. When the last one fell, the rush of adrenaline faded and I collapsed to one knee. Jaesa was down. So was Pierce. I didn't know if they were dead or alive.

I heard one of the Assassins groan and jerked my gaze to his body. Sticking out my shaking hand I used the force to yank him to me. I put my hand around his throat and squeezed. "Who..." I gasped out. He said nothing and my anger surged again. It gave me the strength to roar into his face. "WHO!"

"Xerrin," he choked out.

That couldn't be right. He couldn't possibly be telling me- I tightened my grip. "My sister did not send you," I growled.

"Yes... yes... not... who you think...please..."

My rage became so great without a second thought I crushed his windpipe with the strength of my hand alone.

Xerrin couldn't have. It was impossible-

I collapsed.
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11.23.2012 , 03:09 PM | #73
Welcome back Natasha! I know I've missed you and your beautiful characters. Can't wait to see where this goes, I'll have the tissues ready!

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11.24.2012 , 01:58 PM | #74
Quote: Originally Posted by Earthmama View Post
Welcome back Natasha! I know I've missed you and your beautiful characters. Can't wait to see where this goes, I'll have the tissues ready!
Thanks Earthmama! It's good to be back in the world of Fan Fiction. Loosely everyone can expect to read new sections on Mondays and Fridays.
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11.26.2012 , 03:46 PM | #75
Fury Class Imperial Interceptor
The Savage Sigil

Vanceto propped a shoulder in the archway. Vette stood in the cargo hold, a clipboard in her hand, taking inventory. She was humming to herself, something distinctly Twi'lek. She did not notice his presence and Vanceto took full advantage of it. A smile softened the hard, Sith like features of his face as he folded his arms over his chest and drew his dark brown eyes over her.

She must have finally felt his stare because she abruptly stopped singing and whirled around. Vanceto merely grinned at her. "Hello."

She shot him a heat less glare. "Don't sneak up on me like that."

"I wasn't sneaking," he said easily. She was beautiful. He loved her. He needed to tell her at once. "Vette-"

"Don't look at me like that either." She quickly turned around again.

Vanceto quirked an amused brow. He uncoiled from the door, coming slowly towards her. Stalking her. "Why can't I?"

"Because. We're friends. Drinking buddies. Your mom is one of my closest friends and I don't think she'd approve of anything else. Plus, you're a Sith Lord. I'm nothing special."

He took hold of her, abruptly turned her to face him with his hands on her arms and pressed his mouth against hers. She was shocked and stiff against him for the first few seconds. He softened his hold, drew his arms around her and slowly pulled her closer to him. That did it. Her fingers gripped the front of his robe, bunching it in her grasp, and her quick, witty little mouth became the most passionate thing he'd ever tasted in his life. He cupped his fingers around the back of her neck, tilting his head and deepened his kiss.

Eventually he broke away, his breath as heavy as hers. Vette still had her eyes closed. Despite the fact that she was flushed and warm, she still tried to change the subject. "Y-You fought really well yesterday. You looked... powerful. Laresa would have been proud to see it."

Her words filled him with pride. He did not diverge from his current path though. "Marry me, Vette?" He asked quietly.

Her eyes shot open. "What?"

"I will have you know, there are only two women I will kneel before." Vanceto dropped down, looking up at her. Her eyes were huge. "Marry me."

"Stop that. Get up. What are you doing?" Vette hissed at him.

"I'm proposing. And if you don't say yes, I will kiss you until you do."

She blushed furiously. "Van..."

"I love you Vette. And you love me. Say yes."

She proved his words with the expression that moved across her face.

But before she could give him an answer, his ship was attacked.

The Bounty Hunter
Silent Sun Cantina

Mako was standing in front of the bar. I was crowded behind her, her back against my chest, my arms resting on the edge of the bar on either side of her, hemming her in the way she liked. She curled a hand around my arm, occasionally moving to the music that was playing. The place was loud tonight, they were partying like the Emperor was dead, because he was.

That wasn't why we were there though. Agent Izak had information on Mako's parents. Before we'd left Tython, Aunt Xerrin had told Mako to meet Izak here so, before I stole my wife away on our well deserved honeymoon we made the pit stop.

"Where do you want to go after this?" I asked her.

"Anywhere but republic or empire space. Let's go find an abandoned planet with a beach or something," Mako tilted her head back against my chest to look up at me.

"Only if you promise to sun bathe in the nude," I grinned lecherously down at her.

She blushed and I broke into laughter. "Deal," she said. "I love you."

I kissed her forehead, pulling my arm from the bar so I could wrap it around her. "Love you too. Want to dance Mrs. Jinobie?"

"I'd love t-"

I never even sensed it coming and I should have. In retrospect it was something I would never forgive myself for. I'd find out later the sniper wasn't even targeting Mako, she was just in the way. They were after me.

The blast from the rifle punched a hole right through Mako and slammed into me. The crowd screamed and I would have too but I was knocked flat on my back. Mako collapsed on top of me. She was limp, unmoving. I couldn't even move, a hot burning pain rocked through my system, spreading like a wildfire through my lungs and across my chest.

"Mako..." I gasped. She wasn't moving. "MAKO!" Nothing. There was panic, chaos all around us. I tried to reach for her but I couldn't move and consciousness was rapidly being taken from me. I tried to say her name again, to do fraking something but the last thing I saw was a masked face standing over me.

Then, nothing.
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11.26.2012 , 03:53 PM | #76
Chapter 2: An Enemy Revealed

Kalikori Village

"Doctor Kimble? Doctor Kimble can you hear me?"

Doc came awake with a start and immediately grabbed his head.

"Easy, easy. You have a concussion," Elliah placed a hand on his shoulder, steadying him.

It was barely any kind of organized chaos around them. The Twi'lik village was nearly completely destroyed. Survivors rushed around trying to help the wounded or put out fires. Nadia stood with a group, using the force to get debris off of others trapped inside one of the buildings.

"Where's... where's Xerrin?" Doc looked around quickly, fear punching him in the gut.

"I was hoping you could tell me. You saw nothing before the explosion?" Elliah canted his head at him.

"No. Nothing. What the hell happened Elliah?"

Doc already knew it was bad, but now he knew it was really bad because in all the years he'd known Elliah, he'd never seen the grave expression that came over his face. "The Jedi temple is destroyed. Most of the Jedi Council has been killed."

"What? What the hell is going on? Who did this?"

"We don't know. Not yet. Can you stand?"

Doc nodded and with Elliah's help climbed to his feet. "Where the hell could she be, Elliah? Can't you use the force to find her?"

Elliah frowned deeply. "I've tried. I've reached for Laresa too. My connection to them is... blocked."

Doc couldn't breathe. He was going to throw up. "What do you mean it's blocked? Does that mean they're dead?"

"It may." Elliah said quietly, honestly. "But I sense something else at play here."

"Oh gods..." Doc fell back down to the ground. "She was going too.... we were going too... "

"I know. We both took our leave of the Jedi Order." Elliah reached down and pulled Doc back to his feet. "Don't lose hope yet, Doctor. There are those that need your help. I must find Laresa, and my children and discover what has transpired here."

"I'm going with you," Doc said determinedly.

Elliah put a staying hand on his shoulder. "Help them Doctor. Please. When I know more I'll find you. You have my word."

The Jedi
Location Classified

"It is time to wake up now Master Jedi."

Slowly I opened my eyes. It took another moment for my vision to clear and when it did, I could not contain my surprise. There was a Voss standing in front of me. He wore the traditional robes of a mystic, but I had never seen him before. I slowly dragged my gaze around the room, quickly recognizing the architecture. Was I on Voss? How had I gotten here? Why was I here?

I looked back at the mystic who watched me with cold patience. "Who are you?" I asked.

"For too long the Empire and Republic have tried to sway us to your cause," he paced in a neat little line in front of me while he spoke. "Outsiders bring destruction and death to our doors. The mystics have spoken and it has been decided. You will both fall, and Voss will survive."

"I have met your mystics, I-"

He stopped pacing and met my gaze with a chilling sincerity. "Never would the Voss allow an Outsider to meet the real Mystics."

He wasn't lying, I could feel it, and slowly the enormity of the situation bore down on me. The Voss had been an extremely difficult people to negotiate with. As an enemy the Voss would be a greater threat than the Sith. "The Emperor has been defeated. This conflict will soon end. Peace is coming-"

"The Empire declared open war on the Republic. As it should."

What? When had we gone to war? Was that why Master Satele had gone to Coruscant and not been there when I'd given my resignation to the Jedi Council? "Let me go, let me go back and try and stop this-"

"You could," The Voss slowly nodded and began his methodical pacing again. "Together you would have bridged gaps. The bond of your family is powerful. But, still Outsiders would be on Voss, corrupting our ways. War would come again."

I had never been a fan of our presence on Voss, but the Empire had been here so we'd had little choice. Now the consequences of those actions was rearing their ugly head tenfold, and I realized the implications of what this mystic was telling me. It was unheard of for a Sith and a Jedi to be as close as Laresa and I would be again as we repaired the divide between us and we'd been well on our way. Apparently, together, we might have stopped the war that suddenly had come. But now this Voss was going to try to prevent that just to keep both the Empire and Republic off their planet.

I couldn't say I didn't understand, but they were going about this all wrong. "You don't have to do this. If you let me go, I will convince the republic to leave Voss in peace. Laresa could force the Empire's hand as well, she's powerful enough. We'd leave you alone-"

"You do not see. Mystics see. Mystic's see destruction, unless the Force is destroyed."

I went very still. "I don't understand."

"You may not. Either way, you are to be used."

I tested the strength of my binds and realized with some frustration I wouldn't be able to break them. Pulling my gaze from the Voss in front of me, I swept my vision around the room again, taking much more careful stock now. In the corner was another Voss, his head bowed, his eyes closed, clearly meditating and powerfully. A black and purple cloud surrounded him. It's effects were strange... blocking. I couldn't reach out to Laresa, Reide, or Elliah. There was nothing. As if they were... dead.

I jerked my gaze back to my captor. "Where is my sister? What have you done to her?"

He ignored my question but continued speaking. "The first of the puzzle was complete. We took additional steps to even the sides. Now we will pit you against each other, and the destruction will cripple both. It will give us time to destroy the source of your power, this Force. You will all die easier as mortals. Then Voss will have peace."

How in the world could they destroy the force? It was impossible. Wasn't it? And why would they tell me this? Why give me so much information unless-

"Your thoughts betray you. We will not be your death. She will."

Pit you against each other. Xerrin's gaze narrowed. "I will not harm my sister. You know that."

"You will not be yourself. But none will know it."

"You don't have that power. Stop this please. There is another way. We can have peace without-"

"The outsider speaks lies. It is usual. You know there can be no peace. Not between Sith and Jedi, Empire and Republic. There is one way."

That cold feeling of finality was closing in on me. No matter what I said this Voss wasn't going to listen. Not to me. "You cannot make me harm her. Your plan is for nothing."

"Outsiders do not know the extent of our power. We made sure of it." My captor backed up a step. Two more Voss appeared on either side of me as if they had materialized from the shadows. "Now Master Jedi, you will obey us."


Something dark flew from the fingertips of the Voss and slammed into my skull. It was impossible not too - I screamed.
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11.30.2012 , 08:49 PM | #77
[At this point you should know the story contains mild spoilers to class/companion story lines but here's another warning just in case]

Makeshift Outpost
Outskirts of the Former Jedi Temple

"We've been played for fools!"

Elliah frowned. "Calm down Master Kaedan."

"Calm down?" Kaedan glared at Elliah, shoving an accusing finger at him. "This is your fault. Your Sith wife did this!"

Normally, Elliah's patience was limitless. Yet today, many things were off balance and silently repeating the Jedi Mantra wasn't helping. His temper exposed itself when he smacked Kaedan's hand out of his face. "You don't know that and your senseless accusations aren't helping."

"Master Tosh is right. Darth Jinobie is a suspect given her disregard for both Sith and Jedi but she made it clear her last meeting she wouldn't harm Master Xerrin. I sensed the truth in those words." The holo image of Grand Master Satele said.

Kaedan glared at Elliah for another moment, then began pacing.

The temple was nothing but rubble. They were standing inside a makeshift tent a few clicks away.

"But the timing is too convenient," Kaeden said, "And now with those idiotic troopers forcing the war-"

"Would you have allowed the Empire to manufacture the Gauntlet?" Elliah asked him.

"It could have been handled with more tactic!" Kaedan declared.

Elliah resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Kaedan saying anyone lacked tact simply exposed his hypocrisy.

"It is a dark day. But we must channel our emotions. I will remain here to advise the Senate. Master Tosh, Master Kaedan, you must get to the bottom of these attacks. With both the Empire and Republic suffering the blow of today, perhaps there is still time to renegotiate peace."

"What's done is done. I say we finish what we started thousands of years ago and drive the Sith to extinction. That's the only way we'll be safe."

Elliah refused to tolerate anymore of his warmongering. "Excuse me." Leaving Satele to deal with the
over-zealous hypocrite, Elliah stepped quickly of the tent. He'd only gotten a few steps when his holocom rang.

Quickly he answered it hoping it was Laresa, or one of their children. Instead, the image of Gaden-Ko appeared. "Gaden? Something wrong?"

"Much, Elliah. Can you meet me aboard my ship?"

"Of course. See you soon."

Elliah sat next to the Voss, Gaden-Ko. Gaden was an old friend and ally from the brief time he'd spent on Voss during his search for the First Son. A deeply troubled expression covered Elliah's face. "How can this be? Don't you as mystics use the force for your visions?"

Gaden shook his head. "It's not from the force that true Voss mystics get their power. Jedi and Sith have always believed the force was the only type of living energy that could be tapped into. That's not true, there are many, the force is but one of them."

Elliah paused considering this. It was possible. If for example emotions like fear and love were a separate energetic entity that one could use to strengthen or weaken the force itself, then it stood to reason that what Gaden-Ko was telling him was correct.

"The plan is flawed then," Elliah said after a moment. "Even if they do succeed in destroying the force itself, surely Jedi and Sith would learn to adapt, to change."

Gaden-Ko slowly nodded. "It is possible, but consider how long it would take your people to do so."

Elliah frowned. He couldn't argue that. Many of the Jedi Masters were staunch traditionalists. In a way so were the Sith. To reteach themselves to draw upon something other than the force might take decades, even centuries. And the Voss intended to wipe them all out well before that.

"I must get to my children first. If Laresa believes them dead, there will be no stopping her rage," Elliah said.

Gaden-Ko nodded. "I will take you there."

Elliah touched his shoulder. "You put yourself at great risk."

"You saved my life. We are friends. I understand the Voss displeasure with both the Republic and Empire wishing to manipulate us to their own ends, but I cannot support this course of action. Mystics see many possible outcomes and what they have forseen is but one. I have seen another."

Elliah quirked a brow at him. "Oh?"

"Together, your Laresa and Master Xerrin could unite Empire and Republic as never before. How do you call it - live and let live?"

There was much truth in Gaden's words. As a Sith, Laresa could command great respect and fear. Reide had killed the Voidwolf, and taken control of the underworld when she'd gotten rid of Rogan the Butcher which left another piece of the puzzle controlled. Lancoro was poised to become the next Mandalore. Veltana a Moff, the head of Imperial Intelligence. Vanceto, the face of the Sith race to lead his people. And he and Xerrin along with former Supreme Chancellor Janus could have made moves on the republic side to cement a treaty that would truly be lasting, not the mockery that the Treaty of Coruscant was. Together, as a family they could have done it.
Perhaps they still could.

Elliah snapped back into focus and nodded at Gaden. "Then we must waste no time."
"A king has his reign, and then he dies." -Meredith Vickers
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11.30.2012 , 08:54 PM | #78
Chapter 3: A Plan In Motion
Location Classified

Tana was pacing like a caged tiger in her cell. Her head was still pounding, but at least she'd stopped the cut on her forehead from bleeding. She had been in Imperial Intelligence headquarters - or rather Sith Intelligence as Darth Jadus had renamed it. She'd just been promoted to Grand Moff of the new S.I. - a well played game that had put her family in an excellent position to get rid of the bantha**** crazy Jadus and take it all over themselves.

Then, the explosion had occurred. The Citadel next to them was in shambles and the resulting destruction had nearly torn apart the IA building too. That was the last thing she remembered though. When she'd woken up, she'd been here. And she had no frakking idea where "here" was.

Tana had very minimal force abilities but she'd always been able to get a sense of her family. Her mother most of all. She felt none of that here. There was nothing, just a void, like they were all dead. She was trying really hard not to dwell on that thought though and instead focus on her training. Before she could get started in that regard, voices in the hallway alleviated at least some of her fears.

"I am a Sith Lord! I will destroy you!" Vanceto growled. "What did you do to my brother?!"

"Stop your yapping. His wife took the worst of it."

Tana's brows pinched together. She went to the cells bars. Vanceto was being held by two masked men. His face was cut and bruised and look he flat out pissed. Tana backed up as they came to her cell door and before she could even attempt to attack the two guards, something drove her back into the wall, keeping her pinned there. Vanceto was thrown in. Another pair was dragging a passed out Lancoro and they tossed him inside just carelessly.

When the cell door closed she could move again. Both she and Vanceto rushed to Lancoro's side. Tana examined the wound on his chest. It wasn't fatal, he'd been lucky. He still needed medical attention though.

"Are you all right, sister?" Vanceto asked.

"Not even close to it. What the frak is going on?"

Vanceto shook his head. "I do not know, but we must find out. And quickly."

The Smuggler
Corellian XS Light Freighter
The Obsidian

I was standing in front of my holo terminal. Akaavi, Bodwar, Gus, and Andro stood behind me as the slimey li'll informant did was he was good at, passing on information. The Black Sun had been one of the most notorious gangs on Coruscant. Like most of the underworld, they now reported to me.

"Nobody could get a good look at the assassins, they're faces were covered."

"So they attacked the Cantina, took Lancoro, left and you didn't see where they were going?"

"I trailed them to the spaceport. The shuttle they got on was unidentified and I couldn't get close enough to drop a tracking device."

I growled in frustration and resisted the urge to pace. "What about his wife, Mako?"

"She took one through the heart. It punched through her and hit him. She didn't have a chance."

I winced. I shared Larea's opinion of Mako but that didn't mean it was okay for a family member to get mowed down like that. Plus, I could only imagine the agony Lancoro was going through - that boy had loved her something fierce.

"Frak. All right. You tell all our sources I need to know whose behind this and I need to know yesterday. "

"You got it Captain."

As I switched off the connection a loud beeping sound resonated through the ship. The locator we had running had found Larea's ship. I ran into the cockpit, Andro hot on my heels. When I got in the small familiar space I could clearly see my sisters Interceptor floating like an abandoned cargo vessel. I frowned and sat down at the controls.

"Bio-signatures?" Andro asked quietly.

Tempering down my fear I ran a quick scan. There were three of them, faint, but alive. I released a hard breath I didn't even realize I was holding. "There's some fraking good news at least. Tell the crew to get ready to board."
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The Juggernaut
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"Brother? Brother wake up." I smacked Lancoro on the cheek. He didn't move. Frowning, I did it again, this time much harder. He came awake with a start, tried to throw an instinct fist in my direction but ended up only grimacing in great pain.

Tana caught his head as he slumped back down to the floor. I took him by the face, staring into his eyes. "You're going to be all right," I swore. We all were. I didn't know how, but I was going to get us out of here.

"Mako..." Lancoro gasped out.

My brows drew together. I glanced at Tana and she shook her head. I had had heard the same, though nothing had been confirmed. They could be lying to us. Briefly I worried about Vette. I don't know what had transpired on my ship after we'd been attacked - or rather after I had been knocked unconsciousness.

My temper flared, my anger and hate building hotly. I tempered them back and focused on the utter agony on my brothers face. It wasn't from the pain of his injury.

"We don't know, Lancoro."

"Don't lie to me!" He croaked out.

Tana sighed. "We heard them say she didn't make it. But they could be lying, Lan."

Lancoro made the most agonized sound a man could make. Tana held him close and my heart bled for my brother. Out of all of us, he deserved happiness the most. The fools that had done this would pay dearly.

I surged to my feet - I could not offer my brother any comfort, his pain was feeding my anger. So I focused my attention on our cell. I tested the strength of the bars that kept us caged. They would hold. The cell itself was unspectacular. There was literally nothing but rock walls. No bed, not even something for us to relieve ourselves in. Either they didn't care - or they didn't intend to keep us here very long. Ours appeared to be the only cell in whatever cave we were in. The space in front of us was lit by torches, and showed a wide circular ring. It reminded me of the kind the Hutt's liked to use for their different beast fights.

Pausing my search I tried to reach out to mother, or father, even Vette. There was nothing - just a cold empty void. Either my connection to the force was being fraked with, or they were dead. The latter thought left a bitter taste in my mouth but my instinct told me something else was at play here. I knew a nefarious plot as well any Sith. Good, I thought. I did so enjoy killing those who deserved it.

And then I got the surprise of my life when Aunt Xerrin was suddenly in front of my cell. Tana spoke the words my shock robbed me of.

"Aunt Xerrin? What are you doing here?"

"Join the Republic," she said flatly.

My brow arched sharply. "You're not here to free us?"

She gazed at me with her goggle covered eyes, a traditional covering most Miraluka's wore to cover their empty eye sockets. "If you join the republic, no harm will come to you. Resist and you'll force my hand."

Had we been betrayed by the Jedi? Was she the one to do this? My anger surged again. "We will do no such thing. Release us at once."

"Then you leave me no choice. Remove Vanceto from the cell."

"Aunt Xerrin what you doing!?" Tana shouted.

I put a staying hand towards Tana, and went without fight (for the moment) when two more masked men took hold of me. I was shoved violently into the center of the ring. I quickly gained my footing, meeting the unreadable expression of Aunt Xerrin just as she tossed a lightsaber in my direction.

I caught the handle easily. "Do you mean to fight me, Aunt Xerrin?"

"I will spare you, if you will join us."

I did not know what part Aunt Xerrin had played in our capture, and I no longer cared. My hate seethed around me, but even that felt different here. I brought the blade to life, the sound as calming as any mantra. "Then we fight!" I attacked.

The Bounty Hunter
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My chest was still on fire. I knew I'd be useless in a fight but I couldn't stay on my back while Vanceto fought Aunt Xerrin.

"Tana, help me up," I rasped out.

Tana wasn't even half my size but she was strong. She helped me get to my feet and I gripped the bars, watching. My brother was really fraking good with a lightsaber. But he wasn't as powerful a Sith as mom was, not yet anyway. And I wasn't sure who else could have brought Xerrin down, so I was really fraking scared.

"Tana he can't beat her," I said.

"You don't know that," she hissed, but her worry was betrayed in her tone.

"We've got to do something." That feeling of helplessness was driving me insane with each second that ticked by, each hiss of lightsabers colliding in one powerful sequence after the next. She was backing him up and I'd seen enough fights to know when it was just a matter of time.

I'd already lost Mako - a thought I couldn't even focus on right then because if I did I was going to come apart at the seams. I couldn't lose my brother too, but we were stuck in this cell and I couldn't get out!

"AUNT XERRIN STOP! PLEASE!" I didn't give a frak I was begging. What the chaos was wrong with her? Why was she even here? Where was here? And why the hell couldn't I feel mom? Was she dead too? That thought was like another weight on my heart, crushing me into the ground and robbing me of the ability to breathe.

It took about two minutes for my worst fears to become realized. Xerrin broke his guard, knocked the saber from his hand and drove him to the ground. I knew her next strike was going to land in his heart. In fact I was so sure of it I screamed out - "VANCETO! NO!"

At first I was confused when the death blow never came. I could tell Vanceto was as well, and then we realized that my father had come out of stealth and blocked Xerrin's blade with his own. A second later we heard an explosion in the hallway and someone shout -

"This aint your party!"

"Vanceto get them, and get out!" Elliah shouted and kicked Xerrin away from the cells, away from us, and back into the wall.

"I will not father! I will fight with you!" Vanceto brought up his blade again ready to charge at Xerrin.

In all ours years I have never seen my father actually angry. Displeased sure, but never actually showing a temper. He sure as frak looked about as scary as mom did in a fit of pure rage when he shouted back. "I said now! Get them and get out!"

Vanceto's brow twisted, but he whirled around and charged over to our cell. Tana scooted quickly back to my side to support my weight again as Vanceto used the lightsaber to cut through the metal. I kept trading glances down the hallway where I could hear the sound of blaster fire and back at Dad who was locked in a furious fight with Xerrin. They both moved so fast I could barely keep up.

"We can't leave him," I hissed to Vanceto.

I could tell Vanceto didn't want too either. Dad must have sensed our hesitation because we heard him shout. "GO!"

"We must brother. Tana, clear the way." Vanceto tossed her the lightsaber and took my weight. I hated being so helpless, but there wasn't much I could do about it. Vanceto slung me over his shoulder and we charged down the hallway.

We could see Kaliyo, one of Tana's friends and crew members waiting near the entrance to the cavern. "Let's go, let's go!" She shouted.

"How the hell did you get here?" I heard Tana ask.

"Questions later, let's move!"

When we burst into the daylight I would have recognized this planet anywhere - we were on Voss. "What the frak?" I muttered.

"Long story and we don't have all of it. Let's just hope we make it back to the shuttle." Kaliyo tossed Tana a blaster and we scurried off.

From my vantage I could see the mouth opening of the cave. I kept hoping any second Dad would pop out of it. But eventually we rounded a corner and I lost sight of it.

I never saw my father again.
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AAAh!! Elliah! Weird that my JC is also named Elliah, only mine is a female, I should have her do more epic stuff.