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Looking for an active (Rep and Imp) daytime guild

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Looking for an active (Rep and Imp) daytime guild

mocia's Avatar

11.25.2012 , 11:53 AM | #1
I play mostly days east coast time between the hours of 7 am and about 5 pm (sorry not a night owl). For the past few months since the server mergers I have been playing solo with an occasional flashpoint or two but what I miss is a group that I can help out where ever people need help (dailys, HK part search. datacrons, etc). I enjoy the social aspect of the game and my weakness are in groups. Currently I have 3 level 50s on the Rep side and 2 level 50s on the Imp side so a cross faction guild would be great I do have a variety of low level toons that I play on occasion.

During the weekends I spend it with my wife and family. My family and friends come before the game. I do plan on playing at least until the summer where I will take a break for a month or two. The guild I was a member of has moved on to other games where I like the Star Wars aspect to much. For 20 years I worked in a field that was all about helping others and I found that I have brought that same mentality into the game. Anyway if you think I would be a fit for your group let me know and I would be more then willing to group with you.

Mocia (The Ithorian Legacy)

Bida's Avatar

11.28.2012 , 12:52 PM | #2
Give us a look, we have active players on at all crazy hours of the day.

We are Dual Sun Brigands on the Republic side, and Dual Sun Shadows on the Imperial side.

You can usually find me on Starri, Connlir, or Bida on the Republic side, or Wanna, Bobavette or Instarr on the Imperial side. If none of those work, check out the list on the hyperlink.

Nee-Elder's Avatar

11.28.2012 , 07:03 PM | #3
hey there Mocia,

Not sure if you found a guild yet but in case you didn't...Feel free to check us out:

regards, Nee
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