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Abundant artifice schematics - please sort this

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Abundant artifice schematics - please sort this

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11.26.2012 , 03:52 PM | #1
So one of my chars picked up this profession. Everything looks ok but there are some big errors when it comes to the enhancement 19 schematics of level 43 (player level) and up. Where the previous levels had been consistent, everything is thrown out of the window here. I didn't bother to check what each does so i just bought all of them. I did a count and it came to 48 schematics. Now the thing is, there are many duplicates here. meaning they have the exact same stats or very similar, just one point more or less on one of the present stats. This means that the majority of these schematics are completely pointless. Same goes for all the enhancement schematics after these, that you buy from the crew skill trainer. I went through all of them and only 10 of the schematics are useful. I would recommend keeping the following and deleting the others. Of course if anyone believes i missed one that is also useful, please reply.

Acute, adept, assault, bastion, bulwark, battle, immunity, initiative, savant and warfare.

Note that these recommendations concern enhancements 19 and up.

Please check this information and delete all the pointless "cloned" schematics. Part from it being a pain to navigate through an abundance it is also not good for this game. It's a money and a time sink.

Now for a suggestion concerning lightsaber crafting:

I also noticed that there are duplicates of lightsaber schematics. Ok there are differences in appearance, most are purely the hilt, others a different blade colour. This seems very pointless. I think if the design (and stats) are different for the hilt of the lightsaber, the item name should also be different. For instance the Truthseeker has two designs with the same stats, an elegant "Jedi" lightsaber, but the other is more sinister looking, with hooks on the top and a dagger like tip at the bottom. Perhaps a better and different name would be appropriate for the latter. Same can be said about the others.

Also, when crafting a lightsaber, in the schematic you should be able to pick any colour for the blade. I.e. perhaps have a component slot that takes any colour crystal of an appropriate level. Meaning when you craft say a level 45-50 (player level) lightsaber, that you can use any colour crystal of class 6 to put into the saber and provide the blade colour. I know you can replace the crystal after it has been made but it seems pointless and not logical.

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11.28.2012 , 10:55 AM | #3

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11.28.2012 , 11:43 AM | #4
I can see the point of some of them - such as Assault and Battle enhancements being either higher focus on End than Crit and Surge, or higher focus on Crit and Surge than End - but they really need to be consistent with the naming scheme. Assault 21 is suddenly Battle 22 and vice-versa.

Ido think some of the combinations are a bit odd, too - shielding and crit, defense and surge, power and absorption, etc. They could probably be better streamlined into:

-Red "offense" enhancements - accuracy / power, crit / surge
-Blue "defensive" enhancements - shielding / absorption, defense / shielding, defense / absorption
-Green "utility" enhancements - power / defense, power / crit, power / surge?

This would also make it a bit easier to easily see which enhancement might be good for which roles one would take on, and streamline it a bit more. However, it'd still be a few enhancements per level, as there would probably be +End ones and +Stat ones for each combo - 4 for DPS, 6 for Defense / Healing, etc.
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