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Any one else notice a ton of lag lately

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Any one else notice a ton of lag lately

dscount's Avatar

11.26.2012 , 04:45 PM | #11
Same - Seen it the most on Fleet (240-250 cap per instance should be lowered).

I've also seen it while doing Section X with 59 People on one of two instances in the area.

Sunday (Yesterday) we saw it during an HM FP as well and some folks got kicked off the server and had to login again.

F2P - YEAH it's going to save EA/BW's bacon or cook it. Right now the frying pan is pretty darn hot.
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Mawduce's Avatar

11.27.2012 , 04:37 PM | #12
i get it in huttball
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tingen's Avatar

11.27.2012 , 06:10 PM | #13
Notices it constantly after I started playing jk senital(not that noticeable when playing my JC sage).
It has been like this since pre 1.5.

But this "lag" only happens when zone are getting something like 30+ players in it.
This lag also accures when a "lot" of people are zoning into that zone(sub-zone).
Specially noticed this yesterday where me and my friend was alone in Sector X(sub-zone 2) for over 15 mins, then suddenly 15 new players zoned in there - huge lag hit us both then(reason I noticed was that I actually kept checking how many there was on the zone the hole daily run).

Its actually so bad for me when playing JK that if I cant change to a sub-zone with less people I might aswell logoff.
Now the twist, game runs perfectly smooth(it is just pure joy to play then) ones I'm in a low populated zone(up 30ish).

The sad part, it has been like this since release! I came back like a month ago (due to a friend started playing swtor. PS! No f2p here!).

I do enoy the game when its going smooth, but to often it doesnt so I really have mixed feeling about how long I want continue paying to play.

My biggest concern is the "so called population lag" not the latency to server(because that is 99% of the time less 100 ms for me)
2nd on my list is freaking insane loading time(I thought it was gonna go down drasticially when I went over to SSD disk....which sadly wasnt true

I really hope they get their "asses out of the chair" and start optimizinng the game