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High Impact Bolt Animation is Very Disappointing

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High Impact Bolt Animation is Very Disappointing

Llama-Eight's Avatar

11.27.2012 , 08:38 AM | #11
I thought the splat sound was from one of the films (can't remember which one or where, but I want to say the X-wing lasers)? Not that it sounds particularly "high impact".

Alister's Avatar

11.29.2012 , 08:43 AM | #12
It hits hard so it can sound like a bear taking a **** for all i care.

ShadowWolf_Kell's Avatar

12.04.2012 , 10:49 AM | #13
I suffered through the original Tracer Missile. HiB never really bothered me and I'm somewhat a fan of abilities that don't draw attention to you over ones that do.

As for railshot... it sounds nice but unless it's a killing blow, it's underwhelming. TBH, I've killed more people with Explosive Dart than Rail Shot because of all the force speed running away. As for Rocket Punch vs Stockstrike... Rocket Punch was great when it had the knockback. Just didn't quite compared to harpooning a fleeing Sorc and stockstriking them in the face though. That meaty crunch was a killing blow more often than not and I found it quite satisfying.

What bothered me more was all the wimpy sound effects that 98% of the blaster rifles out there have compared to pistols.
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ezrafetch's Avatar

12.04.2012 , 10:51 PM | #14
At the very least, HIB gives new meaning to the insult, "I fart in your general direction." For that alone it redeems itself, though it's lackluster otherwise.

Belly's Avatar

12.05.2012 , 12:24 AM | #15
Yeah, it does pale in comparison to rail shot. And I'm sure most of us tried the dragon...errr rocket punch when we were kids, lol

Stockstrike is oddly satisfying though. I like to use it as a finisher. Troopers get all these explosions and big AoEs, and you finish em off by smacking them with the butt of your weapon, it's classic!
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Alrahk's Avatar

12.05.2012 , 08:12 AM | #16
it kinda reminds me of iron man's Tank buster heheh wich is quite nice
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noodlehaus's Avatar

12.06.2012 , 12:45 AM | #17
it would be awesome if it sounded and looked something like Q2's railgun sound/animation. video below for reference.