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Suggestion: 16 man raiding guild (Empire side)

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Suggestion: 16 man raiding guild (Empire side)

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11.23.2012 , 07:17 AM | #31
So how did this develop, do we have any guild on the Empire side that has done progress or is trying to progress though EC NiM with a 16man ops, or are we all rollin with our 8mans?

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11.23.2012 , 08:44 AM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by RikuvonDrake View Post
So how did this develop, do we have any guild on the Empire side that has done progress or is trying to progress though EC NiM with a 16man ops, or are we all rollin with our 8mans?
We @ Dark Brotherhood have been working hard on our 2nd ops team where we have tried to gear up our new guys faster then expected. So I believe that within next week or 2 we will start off with 16 man raids on regular basis.
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11.23.2012 , 10:44 AM | #33
That is really awesome, hope more guilds follow that your lead and start doing 16man on a progression basis =)

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11.24.2012 , 08:10 AM | #34
Hello guys, Im sorry to say that Hubris is no more, the ones that were left with a sub Restarted a new guild for a fresh brand new start.
Our new guild is called "Vindicate" and we do not have a full raiding ops yet, we are 6 people atm, but we will gladly lend a hand to anyone in need for a 16-man when we can, I am the GM of Vindicate and have 3 characters that I use atm.

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Feel free to contact me. if you need people for raids

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11.26.2012 , 12:01 PM | #35
Shame to See Hubris disapear. And Good look with the New guild Repolse!

Anubis_Black left the game due to RL issues sadly and theres probably little more he will say on the 16 man project for the near future im affraid.
But As this thread still seems to attract some attention I thought I'd post where <Saga> stands.

We currently clear Content weekly on 8 man whil ewe build our 16 man raid team. People leaving the game and joining guilds always seems to fluctuate and we can't recruit as fast as they leave at times.

We are however looking to recruit heavily and ideally skilled players. And will give you some insight as to our achievements and goals here.

We Currently Clear Terror From Beyond in a little over an hour (usually an hour and 22 minutes on average) With perhaps one or two deaths throughout the entire Raid.
We are clearing Explosive Conflict Nightmware within two and a half hours up to but not Including Kephess.
Kephess is a very difficult fight in that everyone needs to perform 100% without mistakes as a simple one can fail the encounter. This can take a few hours to get it right as people learn the fight.
Its an amazing achievement and I wish all the content was coded like this, but it can be very stressful with every single mistake ending with a /stuck.
Infact DPS and Healing is so tight you literally need to focus. With fully geared Dreadguard/Campaign DPS we're beating the enrage timer though barely.

Those are our highlights but also clear TFB SM ETC for Black Hole Comms to gear up alts and others.
Infact with our fast clearings of anything but Kephess on NiM We have time for multiple groups and at the moment using alts as fillers.
With a 16 man raid group we could achieve this and more with numerous alt runs throughout the week and getting a fuly 16 man group would be fantastic and definately achievable.

However the barrier we are hitting is there are just too many guilds recruiting for the skilled players. Anubis_black has stated proposed guild mergers in the past but this is something we do not want to do.

Our problem with Guild mergers is that the community tends to segregate and direction gets diluted and to get the 16 skilled players is often in disagreement with guild mergers as people like to look out for their friends and not actually true to progression.
Yes friendship is important, but our focus is progression. We have Alt runs to get our friends the gear on farmed content, but Breaking content like Nim EC rests largely on those with the equipment skill, awareness and dedication.

Friendship and comraderie is important, but we try not to let it get in the way when it comes to progression.
We are willing to take a smaller guild or group or numerous in as members and they can prove their ability and skill to hit the main 16 man raid team or accept a secondary raid for gearing up in easier content like TFB HM.

If you, your friends or other guild members want more than your currently getting and feel you can play on the top end of Tomb of Freedon Nadd then I encourage you to check us out and decide if you want to be a part of Saga.

If its not for you, then good luck in your endeavours.

Jewl'a Nightbringer