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This week on Gav Daragon


Ailie's Avatar

11.25.2012 , 07:49 PM | #1
Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the first of a weekly update for what's happening across the Gav Daragon server. Feel free to add anything interesting I might have missed.

With the first few weeks of F2P behind us we've seen a big influx of new players to the server for both Republic and Imperial alike. The starter worlds and capitals have been brimming with new players which has made for a pleasant experience for those veterans levelling alts. A big welcome to all of our new players and an invitation to all to shout out for help. Feel free to sign up to the server-wide forum, get advice, sign up for events or look for a guild to join.

F2P also brought a couple of new challenges for the veteran players including Dreadtooth, the new world boss in Section X, and Nightmare Mode for Explosive Conflict: Denova. Whilst the shores of Denova are still untouched for now Dreadtooth has fallen many a times already with the highest kill believed to be at three stacks. His short reset timer has meant that both sides have been able to get their kills in however the server still works together to schedule runs so as not to interfere with each other, a true testament to the community of Gav Daragon!

The latest guild summit on Sunday also produced a great outcome for any would-be PvPers who are anxious to queue against some of the servers best. Members of Forklift, Visz and Karrde Cartel have offered to hold training sessions with teams keen to get better in PvP. Matches will take place in the ranked environment to help with Comms farming however the focus is strongly on learning and some loses should be expected by everyone taking part. Visit the server forums for more details and register your guilds interest.

In more fun news, the Republics in Section X experienced some 'unwelcome' visitors in their base with a group of Sun Guard members deciding to sneak their way past the Republic Turrets and set up camp. Whilst not disadvantaging any innocent by-standers, the group did provide a juicy PvP target for a few Dawn members who quickly dispatched of the invaders. Will base invasions become the new world PvP? Only time will tell.

Stay tuned for more updates next week and feel free to let me know in game (IGN: Ailias) or via the Gav forum of any cool things happening with your guilds.