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Did I miss Dorne romance?

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Did I miss Dorne romance?

Crimson_Paladin's Avatar

11.25.2012 , 07:30 AM | #1
It seems I may have screwed up massively. I didn't choose the flirt options in chapter 1, and didn't choose either of the flirt options in the first Chaper 2 conversation, and it seems I may be locked out of it, since I'm at 7k affection.

Normally I'd reroll, with all the frustration I'd have to relive, being a perfectionist whose redone games for far smaller mistakes, but I rolled a trooper with the intention of wearing Battlemaster gear at level 50, and with that going away in the next patch, I'm reluctant to do so, especially since my current trooper could probably reach 50 before 1.6 comes out, bypassing the need to painfully grind valor.

Am I stuck between having to live with my screwup, and rerolling and having to go through it again, plus a painful valor grind?

Edit: I'm currently on Chapter 2.

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11.25.2012 , 10:51 AM | #2
Apparently I did the same thing. Finished all the chapters, maxed out her affection. Just got the little logo signaling I completed her storyline... and.. she
So I guess I screwed up.

They make her so incredibly unlikable, really lead you on with the Jaxo story and then it
. You basically have to some how know immediately when you make your character, the choices that are available weeks or months down the line.

Hopefully the Makeb update will continue the stories and fill in the gaps and let us go the way we want to go. I'd love to finish up these stories, and then just have the companions ongoing in that direction so we can RP instead of things just dropping off.
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11.25.2012 , 03:42 PM | #3
I was afraid of that. Looks like I'll probably reroll, and hope that the update isn't too soon. Also hope that someone puts another Mandalorian Champion's Rifle up for sale.