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What happened to Electro Dart?!

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What happened to Electro Dart?!

Bodahshek's Avatar

11.22.2012 , 10:30 AM | #1
Ok, folks, I know there's been A LOT of complaining from the PVP folks about the Bounty Hunter's Electro Dart and the beat downs they receive while being electrocuted , BUT put your PVE hat on and you LOVED it when we landed a dart on a party foe to take down most mobs, adds and a few bosses faster. Not to mention that it was highly effective for the class in general when soloing missions .

With no warning or patch note, Patch 1.5 completely REMOVED Electro Dart from the Bounty Hunter's arsenal and it seems to be replaced with a minor interrupt which is completely ineffective and nerfed in comparison . If you're going to take away Electro Dart, then you may as well complain about and nerf Jedi and Sith Skills like:

Sith Marauder and Warrior ---- FORCE CHOKE
Jedi Consular and Sage ---- FORCE LIFT

These Jedi and Sith skills effectively do the same thing as a Bounty Hunter's Electro Dart... I don't see any complaints about those abilities, nor am I complaining about them or implying they should be nerfed in anyway. I'm stating a fact of in game fairness because without any one of these abilities with any of these classes unbalances the game, so I strongly suggest putting Electro Dart back in the game to keep the classes balanced.

If anything, the Bounty Hunter should have both Electro Dart and the new interrupt, not just one, but most importantly we must have Electro Dart. Maybe there is a better way to Normalize the skill for PVE vs PVP, but taking it away was the wrong move.

BlazingShadow's Avatar

11.22.2012 , 10:40 AM | #2
What are you talking about?

Electrodart is in the general BH ability list, the interrupt for either AC is in the Merc or Powertech ability lists.

The only nerf BH had to electrodart is shortening its range to 10m, and Mercenary actually gained a 30m interrupt called "Disabling Shot"

Bodahshek's Avatar

11.22.2012 , 10:57 AM | #3
WOW! I have to eat some crow here...

I swear "Electro Dart" has not been in my abilities list since 1.5 was released, and as recently as the other night. Its been bothering me all week so I finally made the post. I just logged on after seeing your reply and "Electro Dart" has returned .

Kind regards...

Macroeconomics's Avatar

11.22.2012 , 11:24 AM | #4
Glad you found your ability again.

But I must note that overall the nerf of ElectroDart to 10m and the addition of the interrupt was a NET nerf to Merc dps. The interrupt helps us not at all against enemy melee who are the main predators of Merc dps. And the interrupt helps us none when we are tasked with attacking the most common enemy healers, Op/Smuggie healers. On the contrary, we still need to apply a stun to finish off an Op/Smuggie healer, and now that is a significantly more hazardour undertaking as it involves getting very close to the Op/Smuggie's prolific stun range. So at a functional level, all the common tasks Merc dps need to do just got tougher. The one thing it is easier to do? Kill Mercs. LOL.

Bodahshek's Avatar

11.22.2012 , 11:44 AM | #5
Agreed, the range nerf will make "Electro Dart" bit less effective for range DPS, but not having it at all would have been a huge detriment and game changer for the Bounty Hunter. In PVE, this changes tactics with our Marauder tank who would stealth in while my Arsenal Merc could hang back safely out of pull range to land a dart at the start of combat followed by Tracer Missle to get the Heat Signature stack going for Rail Shot, etc. Together with "Disabling Shot" they are a more effective combo at closer range, but as you stated it presents a higher risk Mercs.

Ansalem's Avatar

11.23.2012 , 09:42 AM | #6
yeah the change to electro dart is a pure pvp knee jerk reaction to whiners. Apparently bioware thinks it makes sense for mercs to only have a 10m stun, but most of our skills have a max range of 30m. It's just silly useless in pve more being the hero of the group that lands that stun from range during a bad trash more locking down those pve mobs. Gotta love how bioware caters to that pvp crowd I guess thats the only audience they expect in the future since their pve is so lacking still.

Smuglebunny's Avatar

11.23.2012 , 09:49 AM | #7
lol no one in pvp wanted it to be 10m either. Same as the nerf to sorc/sages stun. No one wanted, no one asked. Just happened. Cuz the devs are...questionable in their reasoning.

Bodahshek's Avatar

11.23.2012 , 12:22 PM | #8
If its such a "problem", Why can't they have such skill scale for PVP vs PVE? The programming shouldn't be that difficult... Logic as simple as:

IF 'PVPflag' = $Enabled
THEN 'ElectroDartRange' = $10
ELSE 'ElectroDartRange' = $30

Personally, regardless of the MMO, I think PVE & PVP skills should be Normalized to there is no difference in Stats (and thus Equipment) whether you are playing PVE or PVP. Gaining Expertise gear in TOR (or any game for PVP) is also very difficult unless you are a hardcore PVP'er racking up those Commendations. IMHO, PVE Flashpoint/Raid gear should be just as effective in PVP Warzones, and vice versa.

Just saying...

Flintfire's Avatar

11.24.2012 , 07:49 AM | #9
Yeah, electro dart should be put back at 30M for range. Its not worth getting close to jedi to stun them if youre gonna get mobbed by them the instant youre within jumping distance. If anything, more melee attacks would be good.
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Macroeconomics's Avatar

11.26.2012 , 01:20 AM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by Smuglebunny View Post
lol no one in pvp wanted it to be 10m either. Same as the nerf to sorc/sages stun. No one wanted, no one asked. Just happened. Cuz the devs are...questionable in their reasoning.
Well not exaclty "no one". BW wanted to nerf Merc dps, so that was one of the ways they accomplished that. BW has consistently believed that Merc dps is overpowered. It still does. That is why they are constantly looking for methods to reduce Merc dps damage output. Forcing the Merc dps to get to close range to effectively attack the most common enemy healer (Op/Smuggie healer) forces the Merc dps to get stunned more, interrupted more and take more damage which reduces Merc dps damage output.