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DC kicking

uniz's Avatar

11.22.2012 , 08:12 AM | #11
in other mmos i used the 5 minute rule as it is the amount of time it takes to reboot the computer if a log in doesnt work. myself and my guildies do the same here.

however in this game i have seen people initiate it in as little as 15 secs and most around 30 secs. i guess a lfd finder propagated this behavior in other easy mode mmos as i see it far too often here and in rift. if players actually had to "work" to get a replacement they wouldn't be so fast at kicking a player.

just be glad the lfd isn't cross server is all i can say.

Ms_Sunlight's Avatar

11.22.2012 , 08:54 AM | #12
I'll give people a few minutes - long enough to restart their computer, then kick. Don't forget that some people fake DCs in order to get out of a group without getting the Group Finder lockout or so they can leave the group without drama and log another character. So, 3-4 minutes is long enough that if they're legit, they obviously aren't able to get back on, and if they're not, why waste time waiting for them?
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11.22.2012 , 10:56 AM | #13
I don't get it...If someone is dc'd then what is the point in wasting time waiting for them to return? It's easier to just vote kick and queue for replacement or just pull out a companion and finish the thing. Why should I have to sacrifice my time for someone else? They aren't paying for my sub I am.

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11.22.2012 , 01:28 PM | #14
I had my first (or one of my first, I can't remember it happening before but it's hard to imagine I levelled a character to 50 doing FPs regularly without one) disconnect in a flashpoint, got kicked to server list. I was back in in what I'd guess was left than 60 seconds and there was already a votekick on me. Really caught me off guard. Usually when I'm with a group I tend to wait maybe five minutes, it's very rare that they don't come back fairly quickly. You'd be making one person have to redo 20-40 minutes of a flashpoint versus waiting less than five minutes yourself, it just seems a little selfish.

Of course I was a juggernaut DPS so maybe that made them feel more justified in kicking me.
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11.22.2012 , 05:14 PM | #15
who the heck needs 20-40 mins to do a FP?!?! I can't think of one that takes over 15 minutes unless people are just terrible.

Daskillz's Avatar

11.22.2012 , 07:58 PM | #16
Way I see it is if you have a history of d/cing from the game give your group a heads up and tell them not to kick you. I generally like to power through flashpoints so waiting for people is not something I am good at. (which is why I generally don't even do FPs unless I got atleast 3 people I know with me.) If you want some insurance all you gotta do is make some friends and queue with them. Expecting random people to care to wait around for you to get back so they can finish the FP is unrealistic. Yes I know it is common courtesy to do it but power players really don't give half of a damn lol. Just being realistic here.
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11.22.2012 , 10:32 PM | #17
The game currently has a memory leak for me, so I try to do FPs when I first log in (or I'll relog when I want to do an FP) to mitigate RAM consumption and lessen DC risk, but some FPs are worse than others. As such I warn my group I might get DCed but I'll be RIGHT BACK so please don't kick me. I ask if everyone understands and is okay with this. If someone says no, they don't want to wait, I'll ask the group to vote kick me right then (at one point we vote kicked the guy who wasn't okay with waiting a few mins instead - at his request as the others were okay with it and he asked us to kick him so he could have a 'faster' run).

So if you have a history of DC or know you have a memory leak and not enough RAM to deal with it, let the group know beforehand. It makes everything much smoother.

And for the guy who thinks it's slowing him down, pull out a companion and run through normal mobs for a few minutes. The odds that a person gets DCed right before a boss fight are really low. It doesn't slow you down in the least to fight through some mobs and 'poof' the person is back and runs to catch up.

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11.22.2012 , 10:38 PM | #18
There was a undergeared sorc in foundry the other day who was supposed to be a healer but of course was dps, I was grumpy because nothing but crappy foundry has been popping for obvious reasons. I kept my silent indignation untill I figured what the hell, no sense in being a gear snob and 2 of us were horribly overgeared and a healer wasnt needed anyway. He dcd before the end and I refused 2 kick votes, he came in, tried best to heal it and we won.

If someone needs something specific I will try to help them out and give them more leeway otherwise after 5 mins I will kick.