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10K hit pvp.

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11.21.2012 , 11:48 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by verfallen View Post
Most spec gets to our dps number, and annihilation in particular, is vulnerable to dispels in pvp.

As said, 10k annihilation is very impossible unless you pretty much hit someone who got naked in the middle of a warzone. They ain't your normal hits, and it would be ridiculous to balance classes out of the few "epics" you get.

Marauder is a very good pvp class, no question there, but its not unbeatable. Its the "rock" to the healer's "scissors", but a well played range makes them very beatable so long as you don't stand there while the mara's in melee range. Just tonight I fought a merc that was very good at his rotation, but didn't time the knockbacks properly. I still ended up at 30% hp on all fights with at least cloak of pain used.

Kiting them can't be easy, I saw games where you could kite a class indefinitely, did not make pvp fun. Melee must have tools to compensate range advantage. On the other side, ranged must have tools to keep melee off them. (still don't understand the changing on merc's rocket punch from kb to root for this)

As far as rage goes, I'll agree it might have to be reviewed, smash hit rather hard (altough popping saber ward while you have defensive roll talented is always fun to troll their face in, but thats hoping you don't meet one in the following 3 minutes :P)

But I'm fairly sure that if they nerf annihilation for pvp consideration, they are screwing the spec for raids. Carnage already pulls slightly better numbers there. Spec has its weakness, and the fact people may not have good knowledge of the class other than "**** I got face rolled pwned by a mara! NERF MARA!" rather than trying to see how they could improve and adjust to each class explains most of the complains we see in PvP.
Well said. Especially the end