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Low populations killed pvp foreva

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Low populations killed pvp foreva

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11.21.2012 , 12:14 PM | #1
Been reading the post about premades ruining non-ranked matches and have to agree but mechanics and gear are only the little tip of the iceberg. Low server populations (due to lots of reasons) have damaged pvp so badly that swtor pvp is a dirty word when used in the mmo community. Fighting the same 20 people over and over again apart from not being much fun has made it very ezy to spot a new player who naturally is an ezy kill. Yes recruit vs Wh gear is a joke but if swtor servers had anywhere near the people in other games, it wouldn't b so noticably as u would get a greater mix within each wz group. Lets please be realistic i play pacific pvp server and occassionally a u.s server aswell and have to honestly say that there are probably 100-150 regulars on fleet per server if your lucky. With that few people most know each other probably better than they know their own families. Any new players or guilds will naturally find it tough in that type of envoirnment. So the big question 'Bioware when u first started designing this game wat were your expectaions on server populations ? If the answers anything below a 1000 per fleet then pvp was/will never work in a lasting enjoyable manner.

F2p was admission that server population isn't upto standard not sure how it's goin on u.s server but pacific it was a flop. So as i unsub for the 3rd time lol, i wish all the community the best.
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