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Getting ***** much?

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Getting ***** much?

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11.21.2012 , 10:00 AM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by XinnKoda View Post
Just a general question, I'm a new level 50, I have about 50% Recruit and 50% BM gear, and I've done close to 40 WZs this week, and have only won 5. I've been going solo, and I know I'm not doing a ton of damage to the opposite team since most of them are fully geared, but I know it can't be just me that's making my team lose. Seems like at the end of the match everyone on my team is around 50-100k damage where as the opposite team is around 100-300k damage. I've been trying desperately to finish my weekly quest (winning 9 PVP matches) but after an all day WZ grind, I'm unable to finish it. What is going on here? I took an 8 month break from SWTOR and before I left it seemed like when I entered WZs it would be a 50/50 match on who would win. Is it possible when I go solo I keep going against premades? I just don't get it. In many cases I'm one of the top damage dealers which shouldn't make sense because I have terrible gear. Can someone help me understand why I'm losing SO many WZs? P.S. I'm a DPS Powertech.
It could be your server is hugely imbalanced and one faction dominates level 50 PVP with their optimum gear and premades, and so the other faction only wins 10% of the time as a result. Such is the case on Jedi Covenant where the Republic reigns supreme .I'm glad I have some Imps on The Shadowlands, there is much more balance and we do win about 50% of the time on there.