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What gear gap?

DaedalusV's Avatar

11.21.2012 , 12:21 AM | #1
Seems like 1.6 is going to nearly eliminate any true gear gaps in the game. If BM is removed, WH cost reduced to normal comms and EWH staying @ 10 points improvement over WH.

Entry level PvP gear gap will be the only gap left (larger pool of WZ comms and RWZ comms saved up pre-50 will easily bridge that gap as well)

Min/maxing is the only thing to do for PvPers then

(bear in mind I'm glad they reduce gear gaps)

Now if only Bioware made more secondary/tertiary stats viable for PvP, then we'd see more stat customization (something I really love)

I want my Alacrity/Defense rating gear build to become as viable as mainstat/power stacking!

BW should do away with the BiS thinking and make people have actual choices in gearing.
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11.21.2012 , 01:59 AM | #2
I was happy to read that, apparently according to people on pts the cost for wh is the same cost as bm gear on live everyone should have a quick easy grind up to full wh.
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11.21.2012 , 02:19 AM | #3
This is good. It isn't a good idea to leave the large gear gap currently in game, especially for f2p players who would probably never subscribed knowing that the gear gap is so large. Reminds of WoW when arena pvp gear was miles ahead of what you could get from just normal battlegrounds. Personally, I don't like large gear gaps since it's detrimental for pvp in the long run.
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