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Shop Clothes Misrepresented on Advertised pictures

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Shop Clothes Misrepresented on Advertised pictures

Lunafox's Avatar

11.20.2012 , 06:53 PM | #1
I just bought the Investigators set from the cash shop for my Jedi, because she's dark side and I wanted her to look Sithy as she runs with her pal Scourge.

My problem is this...I'm disappointed with how the set is coloured. In the shop picture, the try on/sample windows, and in the window in the actual cash shop, the outfit top is a gorgeous bright red (the reason I loved it)...

The top shows up an ugly sable brown colour and doesn't match the set's skirt as shown. Is there any plan to fix this or recolour the set properly? If there isn't, I want to know how to go about getting my points back. The thing cost 1200 CC points. -_-

Below a picture indicating how it looks on the character screen and how it looks in shop, and me wearing the thing that looks nothing like the set I bought.

If I wanted to run around in a mismatched outfit, I'd not have bothered to buy a supposedly matched set.

PS disregard my crappy stats, as I haven't yet ripped the mods out of the armour and put in the right ones yet. I'd like to know if my problem can/will be fixed first sometime before the next century.

Lunafox's Avatar

11.20.2012 , 07:35 PM | #2
The female version in game is bugged. Please refer to the thread I started.

The clothing is at should be on LOG IN screen, but in game its BROWN, not red on females. Please fix, I'd love to keep the set if it's RED. If not, refund me plz.

Lunafox's Avatar

11.21.2012 , 12:46 PM | #3
Please do something about this. Fix the colouring on the shirt, or refund my 1200CC please.

Kyuuu's Avatar

11.21.2012 , 01:34 PM | #4
hah some of the shop armors show up as the people is wearing no armor at all for me. It wouldn't be BW patch with out have bugs, that weren't fix on pts or performance issue that get added on top the performance issue that already there that don't get fix lmao