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Repeating story

Feitros's Avatar

11.20.2012 , 03:38 PM | #1
Would really like to get an option that would allow your chracter to play whole class story again , and companion conversations. Without rewards ofc .
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viktorstahl's Avatar

11.24.2012 , 09:00 AM | #2
I must say that I agree. The chance to replay the class story while being lvl 50 and be given the chance to do the choices without mixing up sidequests is something I would do multiple times and I would probably even lenghthen my subscription only because of this. It would work great as a legacy unlock I think. Or possibly Cartel...

I would have gotten it no matter what.

_biddan_'s Avatar

11.25.2012 , 09:56 AM | #3
i completely agree
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11.25.2012 , 12:38 PM | #4
really nice idea !!

stuffystuffs's Avatar

11.25.2012 , 01:36 PM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by Feitros View Post
Would really like to get an option that would allow your chracter to play whole class story again , and companion conversations. Without rewards ofc .
Yes, I would like this too.

For starters, sometimes weeks pass between companion conversations and I forget what they heck they were talking about previously so I can't follow their current conversation.

Alec_Fortescue's Avatar

11.25.2012 , 01:44 PM | #6
When playing your 3rd or 4th class, having to repeat SAME planetary quest arcs and miscellaneous quests can be very, very distracting. Especially for some people. It's easy to get lost and forget "why", "to who" and "for what" we're heading in the direction the quest marker inicates. It is also easy to forget and lose track of our own quest and companion chat.

I have all my character slots full now and I would love to replay my Sith Warrior story line after the entire year. It was a good craic and I'd love to "amend" some choices before Makeb. I'd love to wear the armor I want and gathered over the past months and properly "prepare" how my story, my gear and companions will progress in different chapters. And without having to do mandatory planetary quests.

Daily quests reset. What's the problem in putting a "reset button" for our story lines (and maybe planetary quest arcs in the future)? After that we just travel to starting area and walk into our very first instance. We're missing the intro subs but, hey, you care? Few days/weeks cooldown on it. And it will hardly affect continuity and like. I finished my story line months ago and recently I decided to finish all my planetary arc. I was still referred to as Baras' apprentice and someone who is still an apprentice though I am a Darth for good few months. So no worries, no one will care. Please thank me for a victorious five-year fight for traditional Jedi robes in SWTOR.

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12.07.2012 , 02:42 PM | #7
I agree this should be implemented.
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