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Few things Id Like Changed

erichamby's Avatar

11.20.2012 , 02:12 PM | #1
1: You changed the way the deposits are taken out of GTN sales... *** you made it worse. I'm sorry but of all the credit sinks this isn't the one you should be messing with... change it back. I liked selling something for say 5000 and getting 5000 back. Not 4713. Like i said we don't have a lot of money and you made it impossible to be able to figure out how much money your getting with sales.

2: Guild bank tabs way to expensive. We have a guild with all adults that have lives. We don't get to do dailies, or anything else to get that kind of money. You joking with these tab prices?

3: Server transfers. When i made my account 11 months ago i lived in Alabama. Now i live in Las Vegas... Why cant i change servers? You have added 3 times the users to each server there use to be... Fing ping times are just unusable at times when your across the country. I called about this months ago and was in so many words told to F off. Now you have made this worse by combining servers. SERVER CHANGES. If your going to mess with the servers least have a way to help the users your hurting. Its a server change... its not that hard.. I'm not asking for my own servers.