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Paypal Resub problems (fixed)

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Paypal Resub problems (fixed)

not-A-cube's Avatar

11.20.2012 , 07:56 AM | #1
Jo, I'm just posting this because I've had problems for a couple of weeks to resub.


My Paypal didn't have money on it and my subscription ended, which is normal.
When I tried to resub, (with money on my paypal, ofc ) I just couldn't get it to work, on the site it gave me confirmation that it worked, but I my subscription never took effect and I didn't get billed. I looked for an answer, but I couldn't find a decent solution on this forum.


I didn't read it here but on another forum, but what you should check (BEFORE CALLING THEM), make sure all your contact info on your paypal is the same as on your swtor account. These have to be the same: Email and adress.
For me I had an old address and I'm using a new email since I created paypal, so I had to change that, once you do try to resub again and it should work.

Hope this helps, because it's annoying if you don't know this and your subscription keeps failing.
Also I post this so ppl don't call the support (of which I heard it's really annoying) when they might be able to fix it without.