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Sanctity - Brand New Guild in need of Officers

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Sanctity - Brand New Guild in need of Officers

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11.20.2012 , 03:21 AM | #1
I've been contemplating the creation of a new Republic guild on the EU Red Eclipse Server. As is I'm mainly looking for 3 to 4 people for the officers positions, with whom the guild's goals and policies can be formed. Primarily the guildis intended to be a casual and social envirorment that allows for members to be a part of the easier parts of End-Game content such as normal mode OPS, until such time where as we see fit to move to the harder tiers.
If you feel up to the task of building a solid foundation for a stabile, mature and ethical guild -
Please contact me in-game (Acarius) or mail me at

I do expect that you:
- Are atleast 20-years-old
- Speak English fluently
- Are not held back by hardware or connection issues
- Are reliable as a person. i.e does not lie and inform the guild if you will be offline for a prolonged period
- Have access to VoIP software and a Microphone
- Are not a Free-to-Play Player (Support the game!)

It would be preferable if you:
- Have experience with Guild Management, OPS/Raid Leading and/or Leadership (from RL) in general
- Have a stabile real life setting, e.i. not having 6 month duty tours thrust upon you with a days warning
- Can bring a professional skill to the guild (Website administration\maintenance, Graphical design etc.)
- Live in Northern Europe (Scandinavia, Germany, The Netherlands, The UK etc.)

The Guild as is:
- Guildname: Sanctity
- Guildbank: 2 Slots present

A short presentation of myself:
My personal focus, however, will be to create a strikingly professional and dynamic Warzone team, but I have major experience with OPS leading in SWTOR and Raid leading in WoW. I'm 24-years-old, live in Denmark (Copenhagen) and work as the head of a minor IT-Department in Maersk A/S. I've played MMOs for 10 years and have progressed in end-game content amogst the best in Europe for short periods of time. I'm in a steady relationship without kids nor plans to ever have any. As a leader I strive to lead by example, to create good relations with other guilds and to facilitate a "feel good"-envirorment within the guild as a whole. However, I do not tolerate dishonesty, the use of bots, purchasing credits for RL money or the exploitation of bugs.

Best Regards,
M.S. Iversen - Belaria/Acarius