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Looking for RP Jedi Order

VerdaLeadLink's Avatar

11.13.2012 , 08:26 AM | #1
Hello Ebon Hawk, I'm Link.
I'm here today to look for a RolePlay Guild, that has active members and people who want to RP.

My RP History
I have seven years of RolePlay experience under my belt as well as five years of Star Wars RP in a game called SecondLife, which I'm still a part of. I have been in a Jedi Order up until it fell from the hands of the criminal underworld, I've made it to Jedi Knight. I then later joined The Grand Army Of The Republic, where I served for the next four years and been in both the Infantry side, and Fleet side as well as leading the commando squad we had. I later defected ICly and left as an Ensign. I've also played a Mandalorian, a Hutt, Jawa, and even a Twi'lek. I've done a lot in my time and I feel I can be a good Roleplayer for a guild.

Overall I'm looking for an active Jedi Order, with an RP rank structure, who enjoy to RP as well as PvP events from time to time. My In-Game name is Skyin or you can contact me here of the forum. If you want my character back story I would be happy to post it up.
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LordFraser's Avatar

11.19.2012 , 08:20 PM | #2
Then I believe your search is over, should you still be interested. Contact me ig, Mikul and we can rp the recruitment process

Justininn's Avatar

11.22.2012 , 05:14 AM | #3
Hello I am too is looking for a Role playing guild to join. I love to role play me and some friends played table top games for years I was a game master. I would like to join a social friendly guild if any are out there I am playing as a Jedi Knight lvl 3 I am very active. I am friendly respectful and open minded.

I do got a back story My toon Name Revāna is the great great grand Child to Revan. Revāna was found by the jedi order at a young age of 4 her dreams reached out the the order enabling to find her on a forgotten world. Later they test blood to find who her bloodline belong to they never seen an jedi as close to the force in a long time. As they tested her they found out Revan is her great grand parent.

So if anyone would have me I would be honored to join. Thank you and may the force be with you.

Dartraze's Avatar

11.26.2012 , 04:09 PM | #4
I would also like to join one. My character is a unique one, so I believe. A Rattataki Jedi Knight, one who left the grip of the Dark Side and seeks to start anew within the Jedi Order. I have roughly 5 years experience in RP and try to be as active as possible.
"Why do I fight the Empire? Why not? They are the reason most of my people are mercenaries. Why they fight for profit instead of for themselves. I'll stop them one way or another. Even if my father decides to stand in my way." - Xa'ji speaking to a trooper and Jedi Master when asked about his allegiances.