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Sage hybrid DPS [Guide]

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11.19.2012 , 12:27 AM | #1
I wrote one of these back in before 1.2 when the spec was so fun with tele wave so I recently wrote an updated one that was well received by my guild so I thought I'd share it with the rest of the community .

This is a guide for PVE

I will start this off with a brief description of what this spec gives you:

The main reason for going with this spec is the mobility and the DPS it gives you, with this spec you will only have one ability with a cast time and that is Telekinetic Throw the rest of your abilities will be instant and do 20% more damage because of Presence of Mind.

So the spec looks like this Hybrid 1/12/28


Here are the talents picked up in this tree with a reason to why and also if they can be changed around.

You are only trying to get to the third tier in this tree to pick up Psychic Projection

The first two are pretty much a must for any sage spec but I will still put them here.

Tier 1

Inner Strength: As this build has no extra force re-gen mechanic 3 points in here really helps with 9% force cost reduction.

Mental Longevity: Again here as above 2 points helps with the issues of no force regen.

Clamoring Force: An extra 6% to two of your highest damaging abilities.

This has been picked over re-gen and can be changed if you would like to pick up some re-gen you can have 1 point in Clamoring Force and 2 points in Concentration for the force re-gen or you could take all 3 points out and have 1 in Minds Eye for the extra range and the other two in Concentration for the force re-gen. *

But you loose DPS for two reasons when taking the force re-gen mechanic with this spec you will loose the initial DPS boost given to you by Clamoring Force but you will also loose DPS by having to fit Disturbance into your rotation. *This choice all comes down to play style personal preference and also fight type i.e is there a long burn phase where re-gen will be needed.

Tier 2

Disturb Mind: As the balance spec is about keeping up your dots and that Weaken Mind crits proc Psychic Projection it's good to have extra time added to this as you can fit more higher damage abilities into your rotation before having to re-apply.

That covers the first and second tier the only other ability in there does not add DPS and IMO is a PVP talent Telekinetic Defense

Now for the third tier and the reason for going into this tree.

Tier 3

Psychic Projection: As Telekinetic Throw will be your only cast time ability you should be using making it cast faster is always better.


Tier 1

Empowered Throw: As you will be using this often to proc Presence of Mind it's good to increase it's damage.

Jedi Resistance take less damage so helps your healers, these two points are ones you can change for personal preference you there is a total of 5 spare points in this spec and I will go though the reasons behind my choices again all preference.

Will of the Jedi: An extra 6% willpower our main stat a must have talent.

Tier 2

Upheaval: As this is a very mobile spec but is dependent on Presence of Mind for it's mobility whenever you have to move without having it proc'ed you have another viable ability to use and spending points here makes the force cost to damage ratio better than not as without the chance of extra proc this ability is a waste of force.

Critical Kinesis: As you will be casting this often it's nice to have it crit more .

Tier 3

Force in Balance: This is a nice targetable AOE ability that when combined with Force Suppression adds extra damage to your dots and also gives you a little heal.

Psychic Barrier: The main reason for taking this is due to the push back reduction as the only cast time ability you use is channeled when you suffer push back it's not extending the cast time it shortens it so you cause less damage with it. *The added bonus of re-gen is good but at 1% force it's not a lot.

Telekinetic Balance: This is taken to reach Presence of Mind more than anything but the bonus of making Telekinetic Throw have no cool down it's a no brainier for this spec.

Tier 4

Containment: It's nice to be able to CC that out of control add at a seconds notice.

Presence of Mind: Now this is the bread and butter of the spec it lets you cast all your abilities instantly and with 20% extra damage.

Tier 5

Force Suppression: This plays well in the spec as you should keep you dots up when possible and with the use of Force in Balance you will get an extra 20% damage from your next 10 dot ticks.

Drain Thoughts: Again dot spec any extra damage to dots is good .

Assertion: Increasing dot duration good to save you having to re-apply.

Tier 6

Mental Scarring: As you will be gearing for crit with this spec this adds damage to the crit it self like surge rating does so your dots and FIB will crit harder ^^.

They are the basic talents for the spec and the ones to take to get the most damage out of it I will now go through some some of the spare points and where is best to spend them again this is all personal preference.

Spec Variation

The circled abilities do not add damage but add utility and depending on play style you may want to spend them differently than I have.

There are five abilities here that you have to spend four of the five spare points in and they are.

Containment: Lowers the activation time of Force Lift by [50 / 100]%. In addition, when your Force Lift breaks early from damage, the target is stunned for [1 second / 2 seconds]. This is one of my personal favorites being able to CC a mob at a seconds notice or even if you see that stray mob charge for the healer and the added stun from early break helps any tank get the agro back .

Pinning Resolve: Reduces the cooldown of Force Stun by [5 / 10] seconds. In addition, your Force Lift affects up to [1 additional standard or weak enemy / 2 additional standard or weak enemies] within 8 meters of the target. I see this as only any use while questing or in some flashpoint but certainly does not have a place in a spec for raiding again IMO.

Focused Insight: Causes your periodic damaging abilities that critically hit to restore [0.5 / 1]% of your total health. Now I used to run with this in my spec but after a few tests and talking to the guild healers they all seemed to be in agreement that Jedi resistance would be better 2% damage reduction compared to 1% healing from crits, although this does have a place in a questing spec when no healer is handy ^^.

Jedi Resistance: Reduces all damage taken by [1 / 2]%. Reduce all damage taken by 2% helps healers out.

Mind Ward: Reduces the damage taken by all periodic effects by [7.5 / 15]%. Fight specific talent if certain boss fight is DOT heavy damage might want to take this to help out the healers.

My personal choices for balance is Jedi resistance and containment due to the instant CC and 2% damage reduction to give the healers an easier life ^^.

Now the only other point you have spare after balance is filled is the one in
Penetrating Light: Increases the Force critical chance by [1 / 2 / 3]%. I personally spend it here for increased crit as it is a flat 1% increase no DR and as the balance spec is built on crit nice to have extra this point can be moved to pick up more utility or even force regen if required but as you should never run out of force in this spec but the talents you could go for are:

Immutable Force: Reduces the activation time of Deliverance by [0.25 / 0.5] seconds. If you are playing an off healer required to heal from time to time in fight this could be a good one to pick up.

Minds Eye: Increases the maximum range of Disturbance, Telekinetic Wave and Turbulence by 5 meters. Personally as I would never use disturbance as it hits like a wet noodle I would avoid this unless full Tele spec.

Concentration: Reduces the pushback suffered while activating Disturbance, Telekinetic Wave and Turbulence by [35 / 70]%. In addition, Disturbance has a [50 / 100]% chance to increase your Force regeneration rate by 10% for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times. Could be used to pick up extra regen points can also be moved from Clamoring Force for this and if off healing with Immutable Force might also help with extra regen.

Telekinetic Wave: Sends a wave of telekinetic energy that deals 792 kinetic damage to up to 5 targets within 8 meters of the primary target. Would only take this for sentimental reasons missing the old 0/13/28 spec RIP but on a happier note could always use it as an opener ^^ :P.


As this is a very crit orientated spec you will need crit and surge so when those crits hit they will be big . So stat priorities look a little like this.


Quote from*
Accuracy increases the chance to hit with all abilities, and after reaching a 100% hit rate, additional Accuracy reduces the target's chance to avoid/resist attacks. Force Attacks have an intrinsic 100% base accuracy, and no targets (PvE or PvP) possess force resist, so this stat is useless for Sorcerers/Sages.
*Crit cap or soft cap is believed to be around 30% that is when diminishing returns kick in and point for point it is less useful the same happens with surge rating when you get to about 75% so aim for these numbers and after that the priority looks like this.


Rotations and priorities.

Rotation now this is not a simple rotation as it works on many differing factors if you have ever played a mage in wow this plays like all 3 specs combined it has the RNG of fire with the priorities of frost with a little force management thrown in like arcanes mana management.

So you main rotation or starter rotation will look like this.

Force in Balance
Weaken Mind
Telekinetic Throw
Mind Crush only cast this with a Presence of Mind proc, cast Telekinetic Throw until it procs.
To finish just spam Telekinetic Throw until everything either needs re-applying or is off CD.

Only ever use Project while moving as this will eat you force right up if you try and fit into your rotation.

Now that is your standard and also highest damage rotation things to note with this you will run out of force fairly quickly if you refresh your dots to early or cast a lot of projects except for that you should have no troubles with force unless healing and shielding.

Now seen as that is the main rotation and everything fits around that weather it be priorities, low on force or even heavy movement this spec has a rotation to fit them all.

So keep in mind the rotation but prioritise it this way.

Try to keep both Weaken Mind and Mind Crush up at all times and Force in Balance every CD now for your Presence of Mind procs always cast Mind Crush if not on CD wait for use of the proc until off CD or if moving use Disturbance.


Now for the force re-gen rotation.

Noble Sacrifice
Force in Balance
Weaken Mind
Telekinetic Throw
Mind Crush only cast this with a Presence of Mind proc, cast Telekinetic Throw until it procs.
Telekinetic Throwx3
Rinse and repeat.

The above rotation should not be necessary unless you have been combat rezed or you have been putting out a lot of shields or healing.


Now on to movement priorities if you have to move for any reason during an encounter keep the above priorities in mind but you may also have to use other abilities depending on how long you have to move, also what is on CD when you have to move and if Presence of Mind is proc'd.

As you don't want to stop attacking as this would be a DPS loss while moving you have a few options to continue DPS first check if Weaken Mind is applied if so do you have a Presence of Mind proc if so cast Mind Crush if on CD cast Project if on CD cast Disturbance .

So depending on what abilities are available and how long you are moving you may need to use any combination of the above, this chart helps see it better.

They are the basics of the rotations and only in practise can you get to grips with them and move things in where you need to use them you may even find fitting the odd Disturbance or Project in helps even out your CD's but bare in mind that Project has a high force cost and unless it proc's with Upheaval will do slightly less damage than Disturbance but these two abilities are the lowest damage for cost you have which is shown by them being very low on your priority list.


Force in Balance
Also apply Weaken Mind to as many targets as feasible.
and put Mind Crush on one of the targets.
Rinse and repeat.updated
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11.19.2012 , 12:27 AM | #2
BIS gear now this is straight out the box gear no mods or augments changed or added . (what I mean by straight out the box is how it comes the gear can be improved by changing mods and such but I will go into that in another post this is just BIS gear as it drops.)

It is also worth to note that for balance sages the 2 set and 4 set bonuses are not the best the 2 set is not so bad as it helps greatly with the force management but the 4 set as a balance sage is alacrity and is not really needed almost everything is instant cast anyway. On the other hand the 2 set bonus from the PvP set is good so it is better to have both sets of two so you get the two, 2 set bonuses you don't need the gear just the armouring as the set bonus carries over as long as it's war hero or above gear.

2 set bonus PVE Reduce the cost of Tele throw by 2.

2 set bonus PVP Reduce the CD on mind crush by 1.5 sec and a 0.5% heal.
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11.19.2012 , 12:28 AM | #3
Reserved Stats in detail
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11.19.2012 , 06:26 AM | #4
Question; why pve and not pvp?
'Pre-2.0 PvP... The gear gap was too big and some players became non-contributors quickly because of the gear gap. It wasn’t fun for the majority of players' - Alex Modny

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11.19.2012 , 11:33 AM | #5
petition for sticky!

anyway for the gearing bit, you might wanna talk about set bonuses PvP set bonuses seem to work better in PvE

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11.25.2012 , 05:48 AM | #6
Updated with BIS working on stat caps and mod changing .
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