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Datacron Bug

portocala's Avatar

11.19.2012 , 08:55 AM | #1
I have problem with activating Datacrons. I managed to colect the ones on Tarris and two on Coruscant (the yellow one and the red one). Then i went to the Assembly Chamber in the Jedi Temple Ruins on Coruscant. Since then i can't activate any more Datacrons. I also have the issue that the icon that is suppose to apear above the Datacron isn't there. But that is no major Problem. If i go to the Datacrons I've activated berfore, my character interacts with them. Maybe the fact that i went in the Assembly Chamber and interacted with the stuff there is the issue. I also visited Nar Shaddaa after Coruscant and did a part of the class quest there (I realised the difficulty was to hard) and the I went to Taris. That is were I first encounterd the problem with the Blue Datacron. Then i went back to Coruscant to try picking up another Datacron but it didn't work.

My Character:
Name: Thothius
Jedi Sage
Level 20
Server: The Progenitor

Please Help
Thank You