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PvP Developer blog is needed please, especially for new & returning players

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PvP Developer blog is needed please, especially for new & returning players

DarthMaulUK's Avatar

11.18.2012 , 08:24 AM | #1
Over the weekend, I have lost count how many players have turned up to lvl 50 pvp with PvE gear. Clearly, I feel that these are returning players who probably left before 1.2 and the who expertise requirement thing.

So can the Community Team actually make a blog with some tips and 'how to guides' - even point to the ones on the forum, to help some of those returning from being yelled at for not even having recruit gear.

I also feel, that those who were given the choice of either Recruit Gear token or 320k credits, will most likely take the credits because they are(maybe/probably) returning to a small bank balance.

You can argue all day about 'they shouldn't have used the money' but we really need to encourage more people into pvp providing they have the right gear.

randiesel's Avatar

11.18.2012 , 12:47 PM | #2
I think that's an excellent idea, esp since there have really been no changes (except for very slight tweaks) to pvp in months. No class balancing at all and no word on what direction pvp is headed, if any.

Also, I'd like to think that there are a plethora of returning players, but only shows marginal gains on server populations since F2P launched. Actually, the numbers have always been in a straight decline, esp since GW2 took a huge chunk.

Even with that little bit of an increase in server populations (and idk how accurate that site is), it still isn't above what populations were a month ago this time, since its always shown a decline.

DarthRaika's Avatar

11.18.2012 , 01:52 PM | #3
Ya I'd love to hear something about pvp on a regular basis.

Its sad but I don't think this game has more than a couple years in it if a decent matchmaking system with mixed faction teams isn't in place very soon.

Good players that like to premade but hate to pugstomp are unhappy. The majority of pvprs (casual) are obviously unhappy getting pugstomped frequently and I would even think that many mediocre hardcore players that don't have major irl issues are getting bored as well.

Seems like the only group that is consistently happy would be mediocre hardcore premaders with major irl issues lol.

The base of the game is great though. Having all 8 classes I can see their design is good and fun and there isn't too much wrong with balance assuming evenly matched teams. The main time balance is an issue is when you are a pug arsenal merc against a stacked premade lol. Even arsenal merc can just destroy in an even match.

I love the game overall and I think matchmaking could really help the pvp and the overall state of the game. PVP was much larger than bw expected but they have just taken it for granted for far too long.