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Sunfall Rebels

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09.18.2012 , 04:20 PM | #1
Greetings to everyone on the Red Eclipse.

We are Sunfall Rebels, formerly of the Nightmare Lands from pre-launch to present, and we're a solid, well-established guild with 8 years of history throughout numerous games. Our origins can be traced back to SWG, and the Euro-Chimaera server that was our home for the life of the game. When The Old Republic was announced, it was inevitable we would arrive here.

Having survived two rounds of server mergers unscathed we're now calling Red Eclipse our home and are looking for new members.

We're made up of a core of dedicated players, most of whom you'll find online almost every, if not every night... and numerous more casual players who might only have the time to come on a couple of times a week. We never have been, nor will be a guild that wants only hardcore raiders. If you enjoy raids, we run them and run them regularly, and the raids are open to all who wish to put their name down to join.

We would like to welcome new members who want to be part of a fun, pleasant guild with ambitions to build a legacy for ourselves... not through powergrinding and establishing an elite raid team that locks out the vast majority of members... but a broad, multi-talented pool of people who want to be a part of the experience. When you become part of Sunfall, we want to be the place that you want to be in a game.

What we would ask if for participation in the guild. You don't have to be a level 50 Black Hole geared superhero to contribute. Get involved in chat, have a bit of fun levelling some alts across the planets in a small group (we all know how boring that can get solo). We'll do all we can to support you so you enjoy your experience with us, and hopefully decide you never want to be anywhere else.

So, if this has some appeal, get in touch. You can speak to any of our members ingame and they will put you in touch with an officer, myself and you will be able to reach me via Gavriel, Naomie or Clarisse. Or head over to our website... and send us a message.

Home, is where the Sun Falls.

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09.18.2012 , 04:25 PM | #2
Always good to see you guys still around
Winter Silverwing | Red Eclipse
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09.20.2012 , 10:21 AM | #3

Always great to see one of best Euro-Chim guilds still around...

See you out there!!


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09.27.2012 , 11:57 AM | #4
1.4 is now upon us along with a new Operation that we have an eye on. The coming weeks will see Sunfall refining tactics, tweaking and improving gear as we tackle and work to master Explosive Conflict. There's no need to make a mad dash, we're in this to have fun, not get bragging rights.

Still looking for that guild that values individuals over gear? For whom enjoyment of the game is why we play, not to blast through content then spend months complaining that there's nothing to do?

You know who we are, and we're easy to find.

Just look for the Sun... you'll find us where it Falls

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09.27.2012 , 10:29 PM | #5
Awesome guild description, may the force guide players to you!
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Lísa - Scoundrel
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10.13.2012 , 04:41 PM | #6
Our first serious attempt at running through Explosive Conflict now that we've got a good pool of well geared players able to fit the roles. More about feeling our way through and enjoying the evening, we we wiped half a dozen times but we had a good laugh and will soon overcome the challenge.

On the darker side of the news, with a substantial pool of Republic characters and storylines explored... you may soon see more of us playing the other side of the field. So watch this space, I may start touting for your custom with the aid of some Force Lightning.

Be well fellow Republicans (/whisper 'and Imperials')

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10.20.2012 , 05:28 AM | #7
And last night saw our second run through of Explosive Conflict, some with alts, some people doing it for the first time but all in all, an excellent run with only two wipes mainly as our party adapted to slightly different mechanics brough about by a different mix of players.

The next few weeks will continue to see refinement and general mastery of EC but we would like to put it out there for new members once again, all classes are welcome. We're right on the borderline for being able to run 16-man operations on a regular basis once a couple of other people get their characters to 50 but obviously we would like a few more people to join the family.

We don't necessarily have a need for a specific class, but we would obviously like people who want to be a part of a solid, respectable guild with a dedicated core that enjoys the game. We know you're out there, and some of you won't have guilds already. Maybe you prefer solo play for the most part... some of us do to... but operations and flashpoints are so much more fun when you're running them regularly with the banter of some good friends on Teamspeak.

So drop a member of Sunfall Rebels a message in-game... or you can mail me on Gavriel/Naomi/Clarisse/Naomie and I can get back to you as soon as I can. You'll usually find me ingame on one of those characters anywhere from 7pm GMT through to around 1am GMT.

Is Sunfall the place to be? Search your feelings...

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11.18.2012 , 09:10 AM | #8
Free to Play... a gift from the Light Side or an affliction from the Dark Side? Search your feelings, your insight will serve you well.

Sunfall Rebels has welcomed back some who departed for other worlds, dissatisfied with the game in the early days and we welcome them back with open arms. We also welcome other players, maybe veterans returning, or those new to the game who are trying it out without spending so much as a penny.

Like Bioware, it is our hope (and belief) that the amazing storylines of the individual classes, plus the immense vastness of this game will draw you in in such a way that you will choose to stay. SFR has been here since Day 1, the vast majority of us remain subscribed and almost a year down the line, we still have content to do, and that's just on our main characters.

We don't believe in powering through the game, blitzing the content in a matter of weeks and then disappearing until the next content arrives. We believe in the fun and enjoyment of doing something with friends. Could I find something else to do on a weekend? Sure... but do I want to? Not really.

F2P will bring new players, and it will drive off some of the old guard, sadly that's inevitable... however Sunfall Rebels remains committed and will be here for a long time to come.

If you're new, or returning to The Old Republic and would like to be part of an enjoyable experience with a guild where flashpoints, groups and ops are regularly on the go and there's a limitless amount of banter...

Here's where the fun begins.

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12.14.2012 , 02:18 PM | #9
Continuing to go from strength to strength, SFR welcome back players from days gone by along with those new to the fight against the Sith Empire.

Our doors are still open to all who wish to fight the good fight. Whatever your level, whatever your profession, perhaps your destiny lies with Sunfall Rebels.

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12.23.2012 , 10:16 AM | #10
Yay SFR! Nice to see a Chimeara guild still active!