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Updated Graphic Card now Pixelated in-game Graphics

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Updated Graphic Card now Pixelated in-game Graphics
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11.17.2012 , 03:15 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Matty-Wan View Post
Thank you Sunsoar. Apparently you know exactly what Nvida suggests a person does before updating, uninstall! I am back in business. WELL, I have a new problem now. I dont know what it was, maybe the launch repair I was instructed to do, but I am now experiencing F2P settings... No more toolbars, no more credits..... Yet another thing to figure out.

Thanks Berith, I run on low setting now, I am not totally sure what that entails but I suspect I am not enjoy any high end effects. As far as the crashing, I know exactly what is causing it. Since 1.4, with each load screen, my memory use builds up and up to around 1,000,000 K and then I crash. Depending on how many FP, WZ or planets I go to, I could crash 4 or 5 times per session. Its bad....
The game client is still RAM hungry it seems, so just make sure you have everything but the game client opened.

I suspect a 250 not really being able to handle all the eye candy

You will see that there are a ton of F2P issues going on, so best of luck to you on that front.

Anyways, you're welcome man, and anything I can assist you with in the future just send a message.
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This game desperately needs some sandbox elements. Repetitive grinding is not fun.

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11.17.2012 , 03:22 PM | #12
Glad you got it sorted Matty-Wan,

And your not alone on that one, even my system with it's 16GB of ram i crash (but not always) when i run alot of WZ's and FP's. So i know something is wrong on the software side, but we can't do much about that till they patch a fix.
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