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What is going on !?!

EdutauntAnimus's Avatar

11.17.2012 , 02:15 PM | #1
The server is down again, for the fourth time in two weeks. it crashed twice yesterday, and is offline today. It seems like everything was fine untill the server update and everything is spiraling downhill, my guild members are having problems as well and it seems like the new discussion topic is "just how bad is the problem". The consensus of this is if you are going to offline the servers, do so untill the problems have been worked through and every bit and byte has been checked, do not bring them back online untill the repairs are complete, I have had this game for almost one full month, and I like it, however I am having more problems with this game than I have had with larger free to play games that I have purchased. Now I understand that offlining once a month to look at servers, is fine thats what I would expect for a pay to play game, however mulitple times a week is a little much. I have no personal complaints about the game ( when it is up and running ) it is a nicely built game. Execpt for it isin't running running correctly. I and other players would appricate a solution be found in a timely fashion.