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free tokens wasted on your error


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11.17.2012 , 11:52 AM | #1
I have NOT been a loyal customer truth be told. i stoped playing SWTOR around the release of EC but i am back now and subbed again yay me.. anyways with my free cartel coins i bought a sector X token because i wanted to get HK-51. apparently unaware of myself i could already go to sector X to get hk-51, so the token was wasted in its purchase. I have petitioned now to a GM to have this replaced as its 50% your fault that you don't label something on the cartel market as UN-NEEDED or ALREADY AVAILABLE or RECOMMENDED YOU DON'T WASTED 1350 CARTEL TOKENS ON THIS BECAUSE YOU ALREADY HAVE ACCESS TO IT..

anyways below i will be posting my ticket information in full as well as the response i was given so other people here can see why bioware is ok shafting their customers that DO pay. All i want is my 1350 back in my pocket and the token that i will NOT be using because i already have access to it returned to the store.

TICKET: 6796319
DATE CREATED: 11/15/2012
LAST MODIFIED: 11/17/2012

me- 11/152012 - i recently purchased a SECTOR X token for all accounts.. i am aware there is no refund for this item but i am still going to ask for it seeing how you guys dont label if we have access to sector X or not in the vendor box and thus i bought the item and am now stuck with it unless you are kind enough to help me out here.. please also update the game so these items are showing if we have them or not to prevent future errors like mine =)

GM- 11/17/2012 - SWTOR CSR: greetings,
thank you for contacting us with regards to your recent cartel coin purchase.

we appreciate that you made the purchase in error (((***??))), but regretfully, we must advise you that we do not offer refunds in these cases.

with regard to purchases of cartel coins, our policy is outlined in our digital services agreement, which you accepted in order to complete your transaction. for your reference, our digital service agreement can be found at:

for purchases from the cartel market, there is an option to return accidental purchases through the cartel market interface. to do this, open the cartel market in-game (click on the cartel coins icon near your main menu bar) and click the "unclaimed items" items button. you will see a window with all your unclaimed cartel market purchases. to return an item for a full refund, click on the button with the cartel coins icon and the semi-circular arrow. this will immediately refund cartel coins spent on that item to you, and the item will be removed from your unclaimed items list.

we cannot refund items once they have been transferred to a players personal inventory.

thank you for your patience and understanding, and please do not hesitate to contact us again if you have any questions or encounter any other issues.


protocol droid MO-TO
star warsTM : the old republic TM customer service

back to the forums-- ok so what i read from this is

A) you dont realize i used my FREE TOKENS to buy your item and thats what i would like back

B) your items dont specify in the PURCHASE or UNCLAIMED screen if an item has already been used by that account ie ((YOU ALREADY HAVE ACCESS TO THIS ITEM)) is not present on the item before it enters my invintory thus im unaware if i have access to it

c) you personally dont care what happens after i claim the item if i wanted it or not since you got your $$ out of me

d) your games free to play so your pay checks are slowly going away and with that i guess customer service courtesy that the customer is always right is gone too

i quit WOW (insert ROFLS YOU FAILS here) to play this game as a SUBSCRIBER (insert rofls again) i had 4 months sub time left on wow and asked them to refund my money for that i didnt use asked them to bill me individually for the 2 months of the 6 i did sub for and refund the rest. they were kind enough to pro-quote me for the time i did use at the rate i was using it and gave me a full refund for all un-used time. even after i gave them the better offer they gave me the full amount back of un-used funds. heres the exact support ticket quote from them

As of 2012-11-15, all further billing details have been removed from the World of Warcraft account @#@%%#%@%. A refund in the amount of $75.00 USD has been requested. Your refund will be completed within the next 5-10 business days depending on the ability of your financial institution to process the transaction, and it will take the form of a credit issued directly to the payment method billed.

i didnt pay for these free tokens.. unless you count my subbing as paying. but i did buy an item that you didnt label if i would need or not. which i clearly would need if i wanted HK but because i didnt know if i had access to it i made a purchase that you will now NOT refund because its my fault you guys dont label what i can do. star trek does it

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11.17.2012 , 12:13 PM | #2
"Other games did X" really isn't a valid argument. You made an error, but you want to blame it on someone else. I don't see that this is going to get resolved in your favor. Sorry.

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11.17.2012 , 12:33 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by Insidion View Post
"Other games did X" really isn't a valid argument. You made an error, but you want to blame it on someone else. I don't see that this is going to get resolved in your favor. Sorry.
While I agree saying what other games do is worthless however he may still be in the right as the description within the cartel market states subscribers don't need it in the blue text while all other items (that I know of) state that very same thing within the yellow text. So frankly he did lose his coins due to BW inability to remain consistent. However because it does still state it I doubt you will get a refund, but I could be wrong.
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11.17.2012 , 12:38 PM | #4
terms and conditions says he has no leg to stand on.

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11.17.2012 , 12:49 PM | #5
Actually, I did the same thing as OP (Ticket #6811054 for you lovely customer service types who might read this). Regardless of his "other games did this" posture, we are talking about something that is quite possibly a DESIGN error as much as a USER error. And yes, I was told the same exact thing (paraphrasing) "sorry, this is your fault not ours."

When we were dealing with in game currency ("credits"), this would have been an acceptable answer to me. But we are dealing with Cartel Coins now. Even if given as a free reward, Cartel Coins have a very real cash equivalent - somewhere in the neighborhood of 12-14 USD for the 1350 Cartel Coins spent. This is NOT a trivial matter and a quick look through the customer service forum reveals that this is not an uncommon mistake.

Now BioWare can take a hard stand and hide behind the terms of use clause -or- they can do the right thing and admit that this can be just as much their fault (interface design, insufficient warnings, etc) and refund the transactions.

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11.17.2012 , 01:00 PM | #6
well to be totally honest it's not BW's fault you obviously didn't thoroughly read the item description before buying it, it clearly "Subscribers already have access to this area" or something along those lines. I know this as i almost made the same mistake

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11.17.2012 , 02:09 PM | #7
While I agree that I should bear some of the responsibility, I still maintain that they should have done a better job at preventing users from buying something they do not need. Others on the Customer Service forum have already admitted that they have also made the same mistake so this is not a rare "one-off" issue and perhaps this is something that BioWare should look into (i.e. Why did this happen and how can we prevent others from making the same mistake?).

From a customer service standpoint you can argue that while, yes, the customer made an error, BioWare can either 1) make them feel small for making a simple mistake or 2)reverse the erroneous purchase with a polite warning for future transactions.

If this were a restaurant and my child spilled her drink on the table, I can expect to have to pay for another since it was obviously my kid's fault. But if the restaurant gives me another and with a smile tells me "mistakes happen", they will have my business for life.