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You may not sell... WHY!?

Glower's Avatar

11.17.2012 , 08:00 AM | #1
[Advanced Pink-Purple Indestructible Crystal] - cannot sell it on GTN but can send via mail.

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PPAlien's Avatar

11.20.2012 , 06:39 AM | #2
I have the same issue. Just tried to sell it, but no can do. And the timer has run out and it is not bound.

Kazya's Avatar

11.20.2012 , 06:48 AM | #3
You can still trade them with other people, just not put them on the GTN... Not sure if it's a bug or not, but at least you can sell them through trade chat.
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11.20.2012 , 06:54 AM | #4
From what I've seen, they are nearly worthless anyways. They were going for maybe between 30k - 100k in trade chat last time I was logged in. Might be better to just give them to a companion. I'd rather have a white core version to be honest.