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Suggestion: Altering credit card info

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Suggestion: Altering credit card info

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11.16.2012 , 08:01 PM | #1
I just have a small customer service suggestion. A couple of weeks ago I was trying to renew my subscription however the credit card that I had on file wasn't being accepted because I had moved since the last time I had an active account and the billing address on file with my card was incorrect. Trying to re-add the card didn't work either because the card number was the same. I've fixed the issue since then.

My suggestion is this, allow customers to alter/delete their credit card information without needing to have an active subscription, as if the information is incorrect you can't renew your subscription because it attempts to charge it right away. More of a nuisance than anything but it required some hoop jumping on my part and was more of a hassle than it should have been.

Thank you!
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