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Jugg Tank LF Guild

Nightspectre's Avatar

11.16.2012 , 04:47 PM | #1
Hey Jugg Tank, Left a while ago im a big crafter and crafting was sorta borked for me at the time so i wasnt having fun (couldnt R/E anything past item 22) i was/am full columni geared when i left but i have some mats im sure i can provide mats if someone has schems for the right armoring mods to update if needed.

i was a raid tank for 8m normals KP and (the other raid i simply forgot its name been gone 6+ months sorry)
fully cleared normal and was working on NM with my guild at the time.

I am returning as a subscriber not a F2P so i have no restrictions. just looking for an active guild who raids, wants a jugg tank and uses Ventrilo

if you think i fit the bill reply here or PST Varkis-Brood in game