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<Drunken Space Pirates> is looking for more [Republic]

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<Drunken Space Pirates> is looking for more [Republic]

BladedDingo's Avatar

11.16.2012 , 03:56 PM | #1

I'm the Guild Master of Drunken Space Pirates, we're a casual raiding guild who's been around since launch. We started on Master Zhar Lestin and became quite well known for our PVP teams - since the server merges however, our membership has dropped off an we're looking to boost our ranks.

as of right now, we do weekly Black hole runs in two teams for the first two bosses in EC and TFB for the 35 weekly black hole commendations, however we don't have a consistent team of geared players to knock out hard modes on a weekly basis, when we do raid, we try Sunday and Monday Nights at 9:00 PM PST.

Our PVP leader organizes unranked lvl 50 and low level PVP when ever he can and if there is interest, would love to build a rated pvp team.

we're friendly, open and don't discriminate based on skill or gear, we only ask that you try to better yourself, if you don't have the gear and want to raid, all we ask is that you put in some effort to get the basic gear, and our officers and members will be happy to assist you in building a stronger set, the only thing we dislike is people who expect to be carried through content.

We're a friendly, casual guild looking to expand into a weekly Hard mode raiding guild and build a rated PVP team that raids Sunday and Monday @ 9:00 PM PST.

for more info, or to join, whisper or send an ingame mail to Bradnoy, Kaiti or Chanchan.