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Mounts for Sale + other

Lithy's Avatar

11.16.2012 , 01:51 PM | #1
Ubrikki Sand Devil x1
Ubrikki Crimson Claw x3
Rendili Nightshade x1
Covert Energy Torso Armour x1
Elegant Loungewear Top x3
Title: The Cartel Collector x1
Gold Skinned Vrblet Pet x1
Slate Moutn Horrenth x1
Mountain Bat x1

Lhosan Manta Speederx1
Advanced Pink Purple Indestructible Crystal x1

Satele Shan Holostatue Mobile Republic Trainer x1
(no extra for myself so need high offer)

Taking offers, biding expires in 15-24 hours and they will be placed on the GTN at said time.
Lithíum Hartshotte, Sniper
Exit Area

Tallianna Hartshotte, Gunslinger
Officer of Shadowed