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Looking for Guild/Group

Myjediassassin's Avatar

11.14.2012 , 11:55 AM | #1
I have a dual group/guild request.
My first request is that I'm looking for a guild for my Imperial Sniper, currently I am level 33. I don't play on Imperial that much but I am looking for a group that I can help out, run a little PvP or some Flashpoints. When I get to 50 I would also like to run some Ops.

My second request is that I am looking for a group or guild that I can run HM Op content. I'm not looking for a guild to join as I am part of a guild and one of the officers, but we had most of our raiding group leave to other games and now I am working with other members to get them up to speed in both level and gear but I still want to run some HMs.
Commando in full Black Hole Gear with some campaign pieces.
I've cleared all the SM Ops and I've gotten through almost all of EC HM and only the first boss in TfB HM, I've gone through KP NM mode but just missed on the title, group took too many bio breaks.

I should add that I play mainly in the evenings eastern time. about 7/8-10 or so depending on what is going on. I'm also on through the day on weekends.

VonVoltair's Avatar

11.16.2012 , 08:42 AM | #2
Are you unable to get into a Ranked Warzone or into an Operation run in your guild? Are you interested in having a chance to participate on any given night? Are you tired of being a cog in the machine of a large guild? Are you looking for a small guild where you can be a real part of the team?

If so, <Shifted> (Imperial side) is here for you. We're a small guild growing fast. We are running weekly OPs and gearing quickly to be ready for TfB. We are also forming up for regular runs into Ranked Warzones on our new server.

The vast majority of our membership has been here since the game started and we all plan to stay for the long haul. No one left for GW2 or anything else. Please seek out Maxor or Koravis in game for an invite or /whisper any of our members to learn more about the guild.

Check out our website @
Unchained Wrath
-Fire and Blood-