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The Smugglers Coalition is hiring!

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11.15.2012 , 07:39 PM | #1

This is an open broadcast, so pay attention, it's not likely to be repeated on this frequency again. Every few cycles, you hear a rumor about someone organizing a bunch of misfit, no-good, independently-minded tramp freighter Captains into something resembling a cohesive force.

These rumors are dangerous. They make people think there is some single voice out in the galaxy unifying us, as if we were all part of the same crew serving on some bloated capital ship. What would it even take to create something like that? First, you'd need to find a scruffy-looking nerf-herder who is so sure of themselves, they'd claim they could bed a Jedi and smooth talk a Wampa right out of his ice cave.

This person would have to convince you they have such a hate-on for the oppressive forces of the galaxy, they're willing to risk lucrative trade routes just to push back against the enemy - an enemy who wants nothing more than to shut you down, ground you, and keep you from ever flying again.

Who would even join up with such a fool? You couldn't be a rigid protector of some higher order, swearing an oath to a distant council. You couldn't be a loyal soldier, doggedly following the orders of a chain of command. You damn well couldn't be a servant of some dangerous Empire, hell bent on claiming the galaxy for yourself.

How would you even find them? They'd have to set up a front somewhere. A small shipping operation, with an ordinary name like the Dawn Star Freight Company. They'd be somewhere neutral, where a lot of spacers fly in and out, like Kwenn. They'd put someone in the office who looks like a tired, broke down captain, with more runs behind him than ahead of him, and he'd claim he didn't know a damn thing about what you were talking about.

You'd know better. You'd know it was all a damn lie. The smooth-talker wouldn't really be in charge anyway. It'd all be the work of a master pilot with enough credits to buy or sell a fleet, and enough allies to muster an army. That kind of influence would attract all the wrong sort of attention from the Cartel to the Bounty Hunters. Someone with that kind of ambition would have to stay hidden, fly the backwater hyperspace routes, and be known only by a stupid code name, like The Blackfox.

You'd know better. You'd know it was all a damn lie.

Foxes aren't black.


Ladies and gentlemen, The Smugglers Coalition is still recruiting!

IC, the Smugglers Coalition is a group of independent-minded spacers and fringers who have banded together to protect the hyperlanes and those who travel them from pirates, Imperials, or other forces. As such, it's an organization unbeholden to any political faction. Not Republic, but with allies among them. Not Empire, but with an eye toward protecting their people and interests from them. And not the Hutt Cartel, but with an interest in wresting control of trade deals from them.

OOC, the Coalition is an unofficial "fourth faction" and cross-guild alliance intended to provide greater depth to our server community. While nominally based in the Republic side of the game by virtue of the Smuggler class, independents on the Empire side of the faction fence are welcome to participate in our fun!

We'll be starting up mini-events, in addition to booze-filled Coalition gatherings, on a regular basis, organized through our guild site: If you've got an unaffiliated smuggler, hired gun, spacer or fringer, contact either me (found in-game as Jaace), Jaade or Seiyd and we'll bring them into the fold!
"The bigger the galaxy, the sweeter the homecoming."
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04.30.2015 , 04:46 PM | #2
Why have we not hear of you before this?