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Most efficient way to level Powertech?

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Most efficient way to level Powertech?

Sideblaze's Avatar

11.15.2012 , 07:09 PM | #1
Hey, I have about three 50's, though two of them were made before i took a few months off, and the last one is a sniper i just got to 50.

I'm really enjoying the Powertech right now and I'm planning to PVP in the endgame, so i feel like rolling Pyro as i level. Any tips of specs and such for pure leveling/murdering trash purposes?

Also, I just do quests/space missions and usually ignore heroics. Also, I generally buy purple gear on the GTN using money from my alts' dailies. Is this a bad idea?

Really. Just tips on how to play the class well/when key abilities are unlocked/advanced progression tips will help tons.

Thanks in advance.