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Suggestion - WZ objectives - simple fixes

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Suggestion - WZ objectives - simple fixes

Loladarulz's Avatar

11.14.2012 , 07:55 AM | #1
Will try to keep this short.

Problem 1:
Warzones are too predictable. Winning team is known in 90% cases in first 3 minutes. This leads to boring games = when winning I wait at turret spot 5 minutes waiting for stupid ship to fall to ground. I can stand this somehow. If I am losing I wait 5 minutes to get petty 50 comms because pathetic team gives up early... Can't stand this at all. Most ppl just leave wz here. The worst thing is if one team leads more than double (ie 500 - 240 )
everyone know the game is practically over.

Voidstar has sometimes similar problems also.. fortunatelly these games are shorter // more fun.

Problem 2:
Blocking energy field in respawn zones is annoying and badly designed. Waiting time is too long. Why do the game warns me that I will be kicked - while I impatiently wait for stupid field to move?? Why this really, whats the point holding people so they cant (sometimes) play for 30 seconds.. pls BW?? Utterly bad and frustrating design.


Turrets - make them so they can be captured in (4-6 seconds). OR make that 2+ players can speed up the capture of turret - like in Denova.
Doors - make them opened in (4-6 seconds). OR make that 2+ players can speed up the capture of doors - like in Denova.

Force field - reduce max duration by half atleast.. 10-15 sec max. This also fits well with changes in 1.

What we get:

Positive: dynamic games, more comebacks, more fights, less waiting and frustration, more captures, more fun, better games, better everything

Negative: nada

*Denova and Hutball are mostly fine. Denova could be a bit tweaked but thats not priority.