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Couple ideas for vanguard/tanks in general

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Couple ideas for vanguard/tanks in general

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11.14.2012 , 02:11 AM | #1
First of all english isnt my 1st language so feel free to correct me and 2nd the hability names and description were invented on the march lol.Also i only pvp and the same ideas could be applied for other tanks aswell.

Portable shield Device: Uses your Reactive shield on your current guarded target,it shares cooldown with your reactive shield hability (so you have to choose,many times in pvp im not taking a lot of damage but my poor guarded healer its getting such a hard punishment and i can survive without need the shield) guardians/juggs could use something like that with saber ward etc....

Overload Shield:You overload your shield for 30 seconds allowing it to be effective against force/tech attacks but after that your shield will need to recharge and will be unavaliable for 15 seconds (3 minute cooldown hability) before someone claims that this will be overpowered you need to know that CRITICAL HITS CANNOT BE SHIELDED.Again juggs/guardians can use something similar assasins already have a lol im inmune buton